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Staff Directory

  • Elevator unavailable at Rec Center through Summer

    No elevator service to 2nd floor during summer construction. For access concerns contact Renee Wood at reneewood@email.arizona.edu.
  • Locker Rooms Closed for Summer

    The locker rooms are closed throughout the summer for renovation. Temporary shower trailers on the pool deck and day lockers are available.
  • Changes to Pool's Summer Closing Hours: Now 8pm on Fri/Sat/Sun

    The Rec Pool will close at 8pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights during the summer; pool will remain open to 9pm Monday-Thursday.
  • Rec's Memorial Day Hours: 6a-8p

    The Rec Center will close early on Memorial Day at 8p (pool @ 7:30p).
John Lloyd
Interim Director, Facilities & Business Operations
(520) 621-8959 jklloyd@email.arizona.edu
Michele Schwitzky
Interim Director, Programs & Outreach
(520) 621-8710 mschwitzky@email.arizona.edu
Natalie O'Farrell
Associate Director, Programs
(520) 626-4902 nfreeland@email.arizona.edu
Ronald Roberts
Business Manager Sr.
(520) 621-4709 rroberts@email.arizona.edu
Jennie Van Acker
Business Manager
(520) 621-8712 jennieruboyianes@email.arizona.edu
Janelle Holyoak
Administrative Associate
(520) 621-0389 jholyoak@email.arizona.edu
Ricky Stancliffe
Accounting Associate
(520) 621-8706 rstancliffe@email.arizona.edu
Yvonne Quintero
Accounting Associate
(520) 621-9894 yvonneq@email.arizona.edu
Brooke Trentlage
Human Resources Representative
(520) 621-6893 btrentlage@email.arizona.edu
Casey Murray
Student Coordinator, Business Office
(520) 621-6895 caseymurray@email.arizona.edu
Recreation Services
Renee Wood
Assistant Director, Facility & Member Services
(520) 626-4908 reneewood@email.arizona.edu
Cory Eiffert
Facility Services Coordinator
(520) 626-0688 ceiffert@email.arizona.edu
Andrea Collins (eff. 5/31/17)
Member Services Coordinator
Marybeth Idoux
Assistant Director, Aquatics
(520) 621-8718 mbidoux@email.arizona.edu
Jaclyn Pryor
Aquatics Coordinator
(520) 621-0473 jaclynpryor@email.arizona.edu
Facility Operations
Robert Rodriguez
Facilities Manager
(520) 621-8905 robertr2@email.arizona.edu
Ivan Klein
Maintenance Tech
(520) 954-2589 ivanklein@email.arizona.edu
Joe McGrath
Equipment Maintenance Technician
Matt Macer
Sports Coordinator, Intramurals
(520) 626-1184 macer@email.arizona.edu
Abbi Allen
Sports Coordinator, Clubs
(520) 626-3715 phyllisallen@email.arizona.edu
Dianne Goodridge
Athletic Trainer
(520) 626-6363 dggoodridge@email.arizona.edu
Elisa Guerra
Athletic Trainer
(520) 626-6363 guerraec@email.arizona.edu
Chad Berman
Head Hockey Coach
(520) 621-9577 chadberman@email.arizona.edu
Josh Hamilton (eff. 6/27/17)
Assistant Director, Sports
Marketing, Outreach and Special Events
Tara Watson
Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications
(520) 621-8715 watsont@email.arizona.edu
Heather Kleeman
Sr. Outreach Coordinator, Sponsors & Special Events
(520) 626-9968 hkleeman@email.arizona.edu
Ric Nielsen
Sr. Graphic Designer
(520) 626-3776 ricnielsen@email.arizona.edu
Outdoor Rec
Andrew Huff
Assistant Director, Outdoor Rec
(520) 621-4709 andrewhuff@email.arizona.edu
Clif McIntosh
Outdoor Rec Coordinator
(520) 626-4443 cmcintos@email.arizona.edu
Youth and Activities
Allison Brown
Assistant Director, Youth & Activity Programs
(520) 621-0048 allisonbrown@email.arizona.edu
Samantha Wallace
Youth & Activities Coordinator, A-Camp Director
(520) 621-6891 swallac3@email.arizona.edu
Fitness and Wellness
Dana Santoro
Assistant Director, Fitness & Wellness
(520) 626-0816 dsantoro@email.arizona.edu
Jake Minnis (eff. 6/5/17)
Fitness & Wellness Coordinator