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Intramural FAQ

  • Elevator unavailable at Rec Center through Summer

    No elevator service to 2nd floor during summer construction. For access concerns contact Renee Wood at reneewood@email.arizona.edu.
  • Locker Rooms Closed for Summer

    The locker rooms are closed throughout the summer for renovation. Temporary shower trailers on the pool deck and day lockers are available.
  • Changes to Pool's Summer Closing Hours: Now 8pm on Fri/Sat/Sun

    The Rec Pool will close at 8pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights during the summer; pool will remain open to 9pm Monday-Thursday.
  • Rec's Memorial Day Hours: 6a-8p

    The Rec Center will close early on Memorial Day at 8p (pool @ 7:30p).

The following are some commonly asked questions the Intramural staff hear.  If you do not see your question listed here please feel free to send us an email at crec-sports@email.arizona.edu or give us a call 520-621-8749.  

What happens if the league my team wanted to be in is full?

Our leagues fill on a first come, first serve basis. If the other participants have already filled the time slot that you want, we recommend that you put your team in another time slot right away. Our leagues fill quickly so it is better to get your team in a time slot that you can all play, rather than waiting to see if a team leaves. If someone does drop from the league that you want, then you have the chance to move into that league. We want everyone to be able to play and will do our best to find a place for your team!

How do I form a team?

Ask other students in your residence halls, classes, and clubs. RA's are also helpful if you are a new student on campus. Intramural Sports are a great way to meet new people and make connections with other students! It is very easy to form a team on IMLeagues.com by sending a request to your friends to join your team, or send a request to be added to a team. It is also possible to add yourself as a free agent which will allow captains to send you a request to be on their team.

How do I become a free agent?

You simply register yourself as a free agent on IMLeagues.com under the sport you would like to be a free agent for. The $20 free agent fee that you need to pay will cover all of the costs for being on the team.

Can I play on multiple men's/women's teams for the same sport?

As part of our policy, we allow participants to play on multiple teams for the same sport as long as they are different leagues. An example of this is being allowed to play on a Men's Recreational team, a Men's Competitive team, a CoRec Recreational team and a CoRec Competitive team (assuming time permits you to make it to all of these games).

How do I know if a game is canceled due to weather?

Do not assume that your game is canceled due to rain. In the event of a weather-related cancelation, our Intramural Office Staff will contact the team's captain and inform them the game will be canceled.

What happens if my team does not show up and is forced to forfeit?

If a team does not show up for a game, or does not have the minimum amount of players to play in their game, this is considered a forfeit. We strongly encourage teams to do everything that they can to avoid a forfeit because it really inconveniences that opponent who made sure to show up to the game. In the event of a forfeit, the team captain will be charged $30 to their bursars account as a forfeit. Keep in mind that if you know 24 hours before your game that your team will be unable to make it to their game, you can call the Intramural Office and let us know, and no forfeit fee will be applied (you will need to call by Friday at 4pm to default your Sunday game).

How do I add players to my team?

You can go to your team in IMLeagues and access your roster, which will have the options to add or delete players on your team. Each person is required to create an account on IMLeagues.com using their University of Arizona issued email address.

If I have numerous Intramural teams, do I need different captains for each team?

No. You can be the captain of as many teams as you like, but you will be held responsible for all of your teams showing up as well as their conduct. Remember as team captain you serve as the communication link between your team and the Intramural Sports Program. You are responsible for understanding and relaying information to all of your teams.

If I lost my CatCard, can I still play Intramural Sports?

Yes. In order to play Intramural Sports, you must have your government issued photo identification. This includes your CatCard, Driver's License, Government ID, or passport.

Why do I have to choose a gender in order to play Intramural Sports?

Intramural Sports has CoRec leagues that require teams to have a certain number of males and females on the field/court at all times. Each person is required to choose a gender that they identify as before the season starts. If anyone would like to change the gender they have listed on IMLeagues.com, they must make the request through the Registrar's Office then contact the Intramural Sports Coordinator (macer@email.arizona.edu) so that it can be verified with the Registrar's Office what that person has on record. The Intramural Sports process takes at least 48 hours so the person requesting the change must make sure to give enough notice before the next game.