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Group Fitness

  • Update...Pool Closure Now May 1 (not 4/28)

    The pool (and deck) will now be closed Monday, May 1, 8a-4p, to install temporary shower trailers for the upcoming Locker Room Renovation.
  • Locker Rooms Close May 5; Lockers must be empty by May 4 COB

    To begin the renovation, the lockers in the Men's/Women's Locker Rooms must be cleaned out by end of day on May 4 (Thursday).

Photos of participants in Group Fitness Classes


Campus Recreation GROUP FITNESS

Group Fitness classes are fantastic for those who love working out in a motivational setting with others. All of the Group Fitness classes are lead by a Certified Group Fitness Instructor and are anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes long. Classes are held right here in the Rec Center! Classes are drop-in style, so you can attend as many as you want without registering before hand. Group Fitness classes do not allow late entry and everyone must have a valid Group Fitness Semester Pass, One time Pass, or coupon to attend. All participants must bring photo ID or have a registered finger vein in the Campus Recreation System. Group Fitness Passes are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Group fitness passes

We offer Unlimited Semester, Half Semester, Working Professional, Summer Session, and One Class Fitness passes. All can be purchased online or at the front desk of the Rec Center. Everyone must have a valid pass to participate.

Unlimited Semester pass

An Unlimited Semester Pass allows for participation in unlimited classes throughout the full semester!   $59 member/ $79 non member passes!! Passes go 1/2 off mid semester!!

Student plus pass

Students now have the ability to purchase a Student Plus Pass! This new pass includes a semester group fitness pass and locker rental at a discounted rate.

Fall and Spring Semester: $79/semester ($30 savings)
Summer: $69/semester ($36 savings)


Summer session pass

A full Summer Pass (Summer I and Summer II) is $55 members/$65 for non members. Passes can also be purchased by summer term (Summer I or Summer II). Session 1 will be for $29 members/ $39 for non members and session two will be $29 for members/ $39 for nonmember!. Fitness Passes are non-transferable and non-refundable.

working professional pass

The Working Professional Fitness Pass allows for participation in classes Monday through Friday between 6am and 1pm and all classes on Saturday and Sunday. Fitness Passes are non-transferable and non-refundable. The cost of the Working Professionals Pass, available for fall or spring semester, is $39 for members/$59 non members . Note: The Working Professional Fitness Pass is not available during summer sessions.

One Class Pass

Want to try a Group Fitness class but not ready to commit? A One Class Fitness Pass allows for participation in one class only for $7 for members and students. The One-Class Fitness Pass fee of $7 cannot be applied to the full price of a Fitness Semester Pass. One-Class Fitness Passes are non-refundable. This pass is only valid on the day of purchase. Please bring printed receipt to class to act as entry ticket.

Canceling Group Fitness Classes

Campus Recreation strives to offer as many classes as possible for the students and members who participate. However, in the event that a class has less than 4 people for more than 3 occurrences, the Fitness and Wellness Department may have to cancel the class for the remainder of the semester. Fitness and Wellness strives to avoid this from happening and we appreciate your understanding of this policy.

Cycle PReregistration

Active group fitness pass holder have the opportunity to preregister up to 24 hours in advance for all 5:30pm Cycle classes. Early class registration will only be available for 5:30pm cycle classes, and will allow participants to reserve a seat in class. Reservations can be made at the front desk, either by physically signing in, or calling 520-621-8702. Participants are still advised to arrive early, as all waiting participants will be allowed entry regardless of early registration at 5:25pm. Successful preregistration will only guarantee entrance by arriving when studio doors open at 5:20pm. Please see the full announcement for more details.

Map of Group Fitness Class Locations