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Student Memberships

  • Pool Closure: December 21

    The pool will be closed 8a-5p on Thursday, December 21st for pool maintenance.
  • Rec Center Closed for University Closure: Dec. 24-Jan. 1

    The Rec Center will close at 6p (pool at 5:30p) on Sat., Dec. 23 and not re-open until 6a on Tue., Jan. 2, 2018. Have a great Winter Break!
  • Winter Break Camp 2018: Now Registering!

    Sign up children for 1 or more days at the Rec's licensed camp, Jan. 2-5. Healthy cooking, campus explorations, arts/crafts, & more!
  • Open Rec has moved to Bear Down Field

    For the rest of 2017, open rec will be available on Bear Down Field. Sitton Field is closed.
  • Beyond the Game: Stories Behind Student Athletes

    Sports has launched a new webpage that highlights the role of sports in a student's successful journey. Check out Tatum's story now.

    All bags and items must be secured in lockers while in the Rec Center beginning 2018. Your safety is our #1 priority!
  • Winter Break Hours Begin this Friday

    Starting Dec. 15, Campus Rec will switch to Winter Break hours. Check the website for the complete hours of operation.

student memberships

An automatic student membership is granted to any student of The University of Arizona taking one or more units during the current semester and full payment of appropriate student fees (including individual summer terms). 

Household memberships

Students may sponsor friends/family for a Household Membership. These memberships are only offered on a semester basis, to coincide with the sponsoring student's membership. Student must be present, with a valid student membership, to sponsor a Household Member. The price per semester is $125. 

Semester plus pass

Semester PLUS Pass is now available for purchase. This membership add-on offering includes a semester locker and the unlimited Group Fitness Pass during the semester. This pass is on sale now at the Recreation Center for $100. ​


The University of Arizona does not automatically charge Campus Recreation student fees for the summer sessions. An automatic student membership is granted to any student of The University of Arizona who was enrolled in both the prior Fall and Spring semesters, OR, if the student is enrolled in any classes during the summer. Students who were enrolled in both the prior Fall and Spring semesters will not be charged for the summer. Students who were not enrolled in both the prior Fall and Spring Semesters, but who are enrolled for summer classes will be charged pro-rated student fees during the summer based on the number of credits enrolled. 

Students not eligible for an automatic membership may purchase a membership for the summer at the Student Recreation Center.  

2017 Summer Membership Eligibility/Pricing
Enrolled in Fall 2016 Enrolled in Spring 2017 Enrolled in Summer 2017 Automatic Summer Membership? Cost of Summer Membership*
Yes Yes Yes Yes No Charge
Yes Yes No Yes No Charge
Yes No Yes Yes Bursar Account will be charged pro-rated amount based on enrollment**
Yes No No No $100
No Yes Yes Yes Bursar Account will be charged pro-rated amount based on enrollment**
No Yes No No $100
No No Yes Yes Bursar Account will be charged pro rated amount per enrollment**

                                     *Summer Memberships will be pro-rated to $50 midway through the summer

Summer student memberships will be available for purchase beginning the first day of summer in the Registration Office at the Student Recreation Center.

For more information, please visit: Summer Student Membership FAQs 

Summer Memberships for Household Members and Other University Students are $100 for the entire summer. 

2017 Summer Fees

**The following chart shows the amount charged in summer fees for those students who were not enrolled in both the prior Fall and Spring semesters. For more information about Campus Recreation Student Fees, please visit: rec.arizona.edu/student-fees

Units Health & Rec Rec Bond Rec Program Total
1 $4.14 $3.00 $3.97 $11.11
2 $8.28 $6.00 $3.97 $18.25
3 $12.42 $9.00 $3.97 $25.39
4 $16.56 $12.00 $3.97 $32.53
5 $20.70 $15.00 $3.97 $39.67
6 $24.84 $18.00 $3.97 $46.81
7 $28.98 $25.00 $3.97 $57.95
8 $33.12 $25.00 $3.97 $62.09
9 $37.26 $25.00 $3.97 $66.23
10 $41.40 $25.00 $3.97 $70.37
11 $45.54 $25.00 $3.97 $74.51
12 $49.68 $25.00 $3.97 $78.65

The University charges the Campus Health portion of the H&R fee for all students enrolled in summer classes. If you are taking summer classes, and were enrolled in the prior Fall and Spring semesters, you will be charged the H&R Fee based on the number of units taken. You will not be charged any additional student fees associated with Campus Recreation.

Other student membership eligibility


Students (18 years old or older) who were enrolled at the University of Arizona in the previous semester and are not enrolled in the current semester are eligible for memberships. Students must present their CatCard or photo ID at time of purchase. Previous semester enrollment will be verified. The membership term is one semester after the student has stopped taking classes. Standard membership pricing applies.


Students enrolled are eligible for membership. The students must bring picture identification, must be taking a credited class and be verifiable via UAccess or have a fees paid receipt verifying a credited class. The membership will be valid for the current semester in which the student is enrolled.


All PCC/UA Joint admission students have an automatic membership with the Department of Campus Recreation if enrolled in 1 or more University of Arizona units. Students must show their University CatCard or Photo ID in order to access the facility, to access any services, to make any purchases and to make any changes to their current member record.


Students enrolled in the January Start program at PIMA are eligible for membership in the Fall semester. The student must present their University CatCard or Photo ID at time of enrollment. The price per semester is $125.


Students from other universities/colleges are eligible to purchase a semester membership for the current semester price of $125 per semester. Student must have a valid photo school ID at the time of purchase, and present that ID to gain access to the facility.