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Locker Rentals

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Campus Recreation offers locker rentals on a semester basis, or with the purchase of an "Annual Plus" membership which includes both a locker and a group fitness pass. Annual lockers are not available for those without an "Annual Plus" pass. Campus Recreation has added additional lockers in the lobby outside the Massage Studio/Smart Moves Studio lobby for those who do not wish to use the main locker rooms. Stop by the Registration Office or Check In Desk today to rent your locker!

Rental Rates

Locker  Price
Semester Locker Rental (1/2 Size) $55
Semester Locker Rental (1/3 Size $40
Annual Locker Rental (1/2 Size) $130
Annual Locker Rental (1/3 Size) $100

** In anticipation of the upcoming locker room remodel, the Annual Locker price has been reduced due to the unavailability of lockers during the summer. Members with an annual locker will be contacted regarding clearing out contents from lockers prior to the start of construction. You will be contacted upon completion of the locker room to select a new locker. For more information about the locker room remodel, please visit Locker Room Remodel.

Plus Pass

This pass includes a semester group fitness pass and locker rental at a discounted rate. 

Plus Pass (1/2 size locker) $100
Plus Pass (1/3 size locker) $88



2017/2018 Dates
Fall Fall Lockers are available for rent on Monday the week before classes and expire through the Friday before the Spring semester begins 8/14/17 - 1/4/17
Spring  Spring Lockers are available for rent on Monday before the first day of classes and expire the Friday before the summer term begins 1/7/17-5/11/17
Summer Summer Lockers are available Monday following Commencement and expire on the Friday one week prior to the Fall Semester Unavailable

There is a short window between the expiration date and the start of the next term to give Campus Recreation time to clean out lockers and change lock placement. We apologize for this inconvenience. 


  • Students currently enrolled with an active Campus Recreation Membership are eligible to purchase a locker rental for the current semester only.
  • Non-students (i.e. Faculty/Staff, Alumni, Affiliates) can purchase an Annual Locker in addition to their memberships or Annual Plus Membership which includes an annual locker rental and group fitness pass.
  • At the end of your locker rental agreement, leave the lock on your locker. A $10 fee will be charged for missing or lost locks.
  • Personal locks are not permitted on rented lockers. Lockers with personal locks are subject to having the lock removed by Campus Recreation staff. A $10 fee will be charged to the patron's account if personal locks have to be removed. 
  • Locks will be changed immediately following the expiration dates. 
  • Contents left in the locker after the expiration date and a $6 locker clean out fee must be paid to claim the contents
  • Locker contents will be held for approximately three business weeks after the cleanout date. Unclaimed contents will be disposed of or donated at the discretion of Campus Recreation staff. Any TOILETRY items will be disposed without reimbursement to the patron.
  • The Department of Campus Recreation is not responsible for contents left in lockers.  As a courtesy, efforts will be made to make you aware of upcoming locker expirations but it is your responsibility to be aware as to when your locker expires.