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Troy Vaughn
(520) 621-8707 troyvaughn@email.arizona.edu
Michele Schwitzky
Sr. Associate Director
(520) 621-8710 mschwitzky@email.arizona.edu
Natalie O'Farrell
Associate Director, Programs
(520) 626-4902 nfreeland@email.arizona.edu
Alicia Roberson
Sr. Business Manager
(520) 621-8713 arobers1@email.arizona.edu
Janelle Holyoak
Administrative Associate
(520) 621-0389 jholyoak@email.arizona.edu
Judy Jarkovsky
Sr. Accountant
(520) 621-6894 jjarkovsky@email.arizona.edu
Ricky Stancliffe
Accounting Associate
(520) 621-8706 rstancliffe@email.arizona.edu
Brooke Trentlage
Human Resources Representative
(520) 621-6893 btrentlage@email.arizona.edu
Emma Tweedy
Student Coordinator, Business Office
(520) 621-6895 egt@email.arizona.edu
Recreation Services
Renee Lima
Associate Director, Facility Services
(520) 626-4908 reneewood@email.arizona.edu
Cory Eiffert
Facility Services Coordinator
(520) 626-0688 ceiffert@email.arizona.edu
Courtney Copp
Membership Services Coordinator
(520) 621-1894 coppc@email.arizona.edu
Jaclyn Pryor
Aquatics Coordinator
(520) 621-0473 jaclynpryor@email.arizona.edu
Facility Operations
Robert Rodriguez
Facilities Manager
(520) 621-8905 robertr2@email.arizona.edu
Ivan Klein
Maintenance Tech
(520) 954-2589 ivanklein@email.arizona.edu
John Arvizu
Equipment Mechanic
(520) 621-4709 johnarvizu@email.arizona.edu
Josh Hamilton
Assistant Director, Sport Programs
(520) 626-1101 hamiltonj@email.arizona.edu
Casey Anderson
Sport Programs Coordinator
(520) 626-1184 caseyanderson1@email.arizona.edu
Laura Ferguson
Sport Programs Coordinator
(520) 626-3715 lferguson@email.arizona.edu
Dianne Goodridge
Athletic Trainer
(520) 626-6363 dggoodridge@email.arizona.edu
Elisa Guerra
Athletic Trainer
(520) 626-6363 guerraec@email.arizona.edu
Chad Berman
Head Hockey Coach
(520) 975-2196 chadberman@email.arizona.edu
Marketing, Outreach and Special Events
Tara Watson
Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications
(520) 621-8715 watsont@email.arizona.edu
Heather Kleeman
Assistant Director, Outreach (Sponsors & Special Events)
(520) 626-9968 hkleeman@email.arizona.edu
Ric Nielsen
Sr. Graphic Designer
(520) 626-3776 ricnielsen@email.arizona.edu
Yvette Damon
Sponsorship & Special Events Coordinator
(520) 240-6515 ymdamon@email.arizona.edu
Outdoor Rec
Andrew Huff
Assistant Director, Outdoor Rec
(520) 621-9576 andrewhuff@email.arizona.edu
Clif McIntosh
Outdoor Rec Coordinator
(520) 626-4443 cmcintos@email.arizona.edu
Devon Chapman
Outdoor Rec Coordinator
(520) 621-4998 dchapman1@email.arizona.edu
Youth and Activities
Allison Brown
Assistant Director, Youth & Activity Programs
(520) 621-0048 allisonbrown@email.arizona.edu
Erin Tinker
Youth Coordinator
(520) 621-6891 tinker@email.arizona.edu
Fitness and Wellness
Dana Santoro
Assistant Director, Fitness & Wellness
(520) 626-0816 dsantoro@email.arizona.edu
Jake Minnis
Fitness & Wellness Coordinator
(520) 626-6544 jminnis@email.arizona.edu