Student Employee of the Month

Campus Rec is proud to honor the many contributions and accomplishments of our student employees. The Recreation Center could not function without a team of over 350 students working in every aspect of the organization—customer service, facility services, security, programs, marketing/outreach and business operations.

THE PROGRAM.  The Student Employee of the Month program looks to recognize those students who go above and beyond the duties of the job. Outstanding students are nominated by professional staff members each month. Nominators advocate for nominees to the full professional team and one student is selected to be Employee of the Month (EOTM). The EOTM is awarded a signature backpack, recognized with publicity on TV screens within the Rec Center and on the website, and treated to a lunch, at a location of their choosing, with the Rec Director and their champion. The EOTM is also in contention for the Juliette Moore Director scholarship granted at the end of the academic year.

MEMBER SUPPORT.  Do you know a student employee who deserves to be recognized? Complete a Letter of Support form to make a recommendation.  Completed forms can be dropped off at the Front Desk or emailed to Director Troy Vaughn at

The Student Employee of the Month program is sponsored by KIND Snacks.

Skylar Le Duc

July 2019

Skylar Le Duc, Student Coordinator for Youth and Activities, has been working with Campus Recreation since the summer of 2018. Skylar is a junior, set to graduate in May 2021 and is majoring in Biomedical Engineering. As the Youth and Activities Student Coordinator, Skylar is heavily involved during the school year and summer with all youth programs at the REC such as “A” camp and break camps. With her outgoing personality and goofiness, Skylar brings joy each and everyday and when she steps into any room, her personality shines. Her favorite thing about working at Campus Rec is working closely with Erin who is our Youth Coordinator. Erin has become someone who Skylar can go to with any questions or feedback. During Skylar’s free time, she enjoys attending any of the sports games happening at the UA, mainly for the purpose of showing her school spirit.

Ashley Wallace

June 2019

Ashley Wallace, Student Coordinator for Facility Services, has been working at The Rec for almost two years. Currently a senior set to graduate in May 2020, Ashley is majoring in Nutritional Sciences with a focus in Dietetics and Sports Nutrition. As a Student Coordinator, Ashley directs and helps with daily operations of the Weight Room, and also oversees the Facility Managers. Her favorite thing about her job is the opportunity to meet new monitor staff and helping them grow and develop skills that are transferable to their future careers. Ashley has also grown in her position at The Rec because of all the mentors she has been able to learn from, and who have helped shape her to be successful in the future. Ashley likes that the UA has given her many opportunities to expand her knowledge in her major, and values the friends she has gained while being here. 

Marisa Lewon

May 2019

Marisa Lewon has worked at the Rec Center for two years as a Yoga Instructor and F45 Coach. She will be graduating next May from the College of Fine Arts with a MFA in visual arts. Marisa enjoys helping people feel relaxed, refreshed and happy during all seven yoga classes she teaches each week.  She also loves encouraging people to work hard while having fun together, especially in her high-energy F45 team environment. Marisa aims for all of her classes to be a positive experience, helping everyone feel great about themselves. Originally from Norwich, Connecticut, Marisa likes that the UA community is very encouraging and has many opportunities to get involved, and is also in close proximity to amazing tacos!

Grace Faerber

April 2019 (1 of 2)

Grace Faerber is a Marketing Assistant at the Rec, helping to research projects and write/edit newsletters and flyers. Most recently, she led the International Flags project, a new display added to the Rec. Grace has been with the Rec for about a year and a half, and is currently a senior with a major in East Asian Studies and Global Studies. Her favorite things about working at the Rec are the feeling of community and the respect everyone has for each other. She finds this especially true in her position, where she enjoys having the independence to be freely creative. Grace is from Mesa, Arizona. 


Adriana Padilla

April 2019 (2 of 2)

Adriana Padilla, a Tucson native, works with both Fitness and the Business Office at Campus Rec. She has been here since January 2017, and is currently a junior with a major in Nutritional Sciences. At the Rec, she holds not one, but three student positions: Hip-Hop Activities Instructor, Cardio Dance Instructor, and Office Assistant. Adriana enjoys teaching dance classes because it is a fun environment where you can get a great cardio workout at the same time! Adriana’s favorite parts about working at the Rec are helping others have healthy and active lifestyles and having room to grow professionally and personally. 

Amy Stalkfleet

March 2019

Amy Stalkfleet is the Aquatics Student Coordinator here at the Rec, and assists in developing staff trainings, creating work schedules for all positions, confirming rental reservations with clients, and strategic planning for the department. She thinks the Rec is a great place to learn transferable career skills and build a community, and enjoys how her job is never boring and always growing. Amy is from Tucson, has worked at the Rec for all four years of her college career, and will be graduating this May with a major in finance. 

Shana Ranauto

February 2019

Shana Ranauto is a jack-of-all-trades here at the Rec, holding four student-employee positions: club sports monitor, intramural sports supervisor, sports office assistant, and student facilities manager. Shana is a graduating senior in Sports and Society and has been working at the Rec for the past four semesters. Shana’s favorite thing about working at the Rec is the community environment: she has made lifelong friendships and connections at the Rec, and feels her experience has helped her develop as an individual. 

Samantha Matthews & TJ Harris

January 2019

Samantha Matthews and TJ Harris make up the Student Graphic Design team at Campus Rec.  Samantha Matthews is a student graphic designer and designs print and digital marketing ads for the Rec center. She has been working at the Rec since 2017, and graduates this year with a degree in graphic design. Sam enjoys working in a graphic design team and collaborating on marketing projects with student and professional staff alike. She finds walking around the Rec every day and seeing her work displayed for all to see very rewarding.  TJ Harris is a student graphic designer and creates marketing designs displayed on plasmas, flyers, posters, and ads throughout the rec. As a UA junior from Washington majoring in graphic design, TJ enjoys gaining experience for his future here at the Rec and also helping design one of the best recreation centers in the country. His favorite part about his job is getting to see his work displayed all throughout the rec for students, employees, and visitors alike to see.