Student Employee of the Month

Campus Rec is proud to honor the many contributions and accomplishments of our student employees. The Recreation Center could not function without a team of over 350 students working in every aspect of the organization—customer service, facility services, security, programs, marketing/outreach and business operations.

THE PROGRAM.  The Student Employee of the Month program looks to recognize those students who go above and beyond the duties of the job. Outstanding students are nominated by professional staff members each month. Nominators advocate for nominees to the full professional team and one student is selected to be Employee of the Month (EOTM). The EOTM is awarded a signature backpack, recognized with publicity on TV screens within the Rec Center and on the website, and treated to a lunch, at a location of their choosing, with the Rec Director and their champion. The EOTM is also in contention for the Juliette Moore Director scholarship granted at the end of the academic year.

MEMBER SUPPORT.  Do you know a student employee who deserves to be recognized? Complete a Letter of Support form to make a recommendation.  Completed forms can be dropped off at the Front Desk or emailed to Director Troy Vaughn at

The Student Employee of the Month program is sponsored by ParmCrisps.


October 2021

Myana wears many hats at Campus Rec.  She is a Sports Supervisor, Outreach Ambassador, and Camp Counselor.  In the Sports Office, Myana helps facilitate Intramural and Club sports by communicating with teams, answering phones and responding to emails, and assisting students that drop by.  With Outreach, she helps promote Campus Rec and rec events to students across campus.  Then during school breaks, she teaches arts and crafts to children with A-Camp.  Myana joined Campus Rec in June 2021 and loves being around her coworkers, "Everyone at the rec is amazing."  Her favorite part of her job is when she gets to work with cornhole for Intramural Sports, "the patrons get really into it." 

Now in her 3rd year at Arizona, Myana has really enjoyed all the friendships she has made along the way.  A Phoenix native, Myana is pursuing a double major in Religious Studies and Care, Health and Society, along with a minor in Business Administration.


September 2021

Abdallah is a Facilities Manager with Campus Rec and has worked at the REC since August 2019.  His job includes roving around the facility to ensure that operational policies and protocols are being followed and that all patrons are being safe.  Abdallah also helps out with sales at the front desk and event set-ups throughout the building.  His favorite thing about working at Campus Rec is the wonderfully supportive staff he engages with on a weekly basis. 

Hailing from the small border city of Calexico, California, Abdallah is a senior majoring in Chemistry.  He enjoys being on the UArizona campus and taking part in all the opportunities the University has to offer.


August 2021

Amy holds two positions at Campus since joining in May 2019—Facility Manager and Business Office Assistant.  As a Facility Manager, Amy helps to open the rec centers, assist patrons, maintain the values and expectations of the department, and provide coaching/feedback for employee improvement.  As an Office Assistant, she handles patron concerns, issues and question, and collaborates with professional staff on special community projects to promote health & wellness.   Amy's favorite parts about working at Campus Rec include developing professional relationships and seeing the growth of her coworkers.  What she likes most about her jobs is getting the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from many different people. 

A Tucson native, Amy loves the diversity and culture at the University.  She will be graduating in May 2022 with a degree in Retailing and Consumer Science.


July 2021

Jolie is a facility manager at the REC. She has been working for Campus Rec since May of 2018.  Jolie's duties include overseeing facility safety and staff, managing reservations, handling sales, and assisting the department as needed.  Her favorite thing about the rec center is working with all her co-workers and always being able to meet new people.  What Jolie likes most about her job is "knowing that I am contributing to a place that promotes fitness and wellness which is a reflection of my own personal life"

Originally from Flagstaff, Jolie enjoys the fun environment of UArizona and is double majoring in Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences and Spanish Literature.


June 2021

Isaiah joined Campus Rec in August 2018 and currently holds three jobs—student coordinator for Youth Programs, facility manager, and sports supervisor.  Each day, Isaiah strives to provide excellent customer service and to be a great team player with all his coworkers.  His favorite thing about the rec centers is the community—"we are one big happy family".  Working with kids is something Isaiah really enjoys and A Camp will always hold a special place in his heart.  He hopes others can come to enjoy it as much he did. As a Tucson native, Isaiah feels the the best part of going to UArizona is just being home. 

Isaiah is a senior studying Criminal Justice.


May 2021 (co-honoree)

Marley is not only a student coordinator within Fitness & Wellness, but also a certified personal trainer (PT), F45 coach and group fitness instructor.  Marley has worked for Campus Rec since Spring 2018.  Her daily routine often consists of working with a couple clients, teaching a F45 class, and handling client intake and distribution for the staff PTs to ensure that the personal training side of the Fit/Well group runs smoothly.  Marley's favorite thing about working at CREC is definitely working with students, whether that is other CREC student staff or those simply looking to reach their fitness goals. 

A senior majoring in Nutritional Science with an emphasis on Dietetics, Marley hails from Silver City, New Mexico.  According to Marley, one of the best things about UArizona—"the fantastic faculty, staff, and peers I get to be around and learn from!"


May 2021 (co-honoree)

Avery is a student coordinator and group fitness instructor for the Fitness and Wellness team.  She has been a part of Campus Rec for the past 18 months.  Avery teaches yoga, cycle, and F45 classes while also working behind the scenes to keep all Fit/Well programs on track. Working closely with the other Fit/Well student coordinator, Avery helps to initiate programs and trainings, manage Wellness 2U inquiries, create schedules, run social media, and assist other instructors.  Her favorite part about working at CREC is the coaching and interaction with participants from all backgrounds on a daily basis.  Helping others "discover their love of fitness" and improving both their mental and physical health is something that drives her in her group fitness classes. 

Avery loves living in Arizona where she can be active and outdoors all year long. Originally from Glenwood Springs, Colorado, Avery will graduate this December with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.


April 2021

Olivia actually has two jobs with Campus Rec.  She is the Engagement and Partnerships Assistant in Outreach while also working as a Member Services Attendant in both rec facilities.  With Outreach, Olivia helps organize events in the centers where she gets to engage with students and the community and share all that Campus Rec has to offer.  In her role with Member Services, Olivia welcomes patrons into the building and handles all their questions.  Her favorite thing about working at Campus Rec is that everyone is “one big family and you never feel out of place”.  Joining Campus Rec in February 2019, Olivia really enjoys the planning side of special events and getting to meet new people at those events or during her shifts at the REC and NorthREC. 

Originally from Chino Hills, California, Olivia is a rising senior majoring in Marketing.  To her, UArizona may feel big, but “if you put yourself out there and find the right people, you will begin to see yourself grow in a way you never thought you could”.


March 2021

Brian has worked the past three years with Sport Programs at Campus Rec.  As a sports manager, sports supervisor, field crew member and official, Brian helps to secure a safe and inclusive environment for all intramural and club sport patrons.  This includes handling crowd control, and providing customer service and first aid, as needed.  Working for Sports has given Brian the chance to meet new people and stay physically active.  He especially enjoys "working alongside some of the best people at the University of Arizona" (Spencer Hubler being one of them!).

Brian's favorite part about attending UArizona is the networking opportunities afforded from such a large school with a long history of academic success.  But he's quick to add that the phenomenal Catalina Mountains views and the opportunity to play intramural sports no matter one's ability are also a close second and third!

Hailing from Phoenix, Brian is a senior majoring in Accounting.


February 2021

Fabiola has worked at Campus Rec for 4 years and currently performs double duty as a Facility Manager and a Sports Supervisor.  In Facilities, Fabiola makes sure day-to-day operations and scheduled events run smoothly and safely.  She also spends time assisting patrons and supporting other staff members. With Intramural Sports, Fabiola ensures sports are being played correctly and all participants stay safe.  One of her favorite things about her REC jobs—getting the chance to work with and know some amazing people.  Fabiola likes working in this active environment, a place that offers everyone so much to do.  There is "never a dull moment at Campus Rec".

Coming from Southern California, Fabiola enjoys all the sights of Arizona, especially trying out new food spots!  A senior at UArizona, Fabiola is majoring in Criminal Justice and Public Management and Policy.


January 2021

Antonio is the Student Coordinator for Outdoor Rec and has been working there for over 3 years.  In this role, Antonio plans and coordinates trips for the Outdoor Rec staff to lead, as well as maintains the everyday needs of the Bike Stations.  Some of his favorite things about working at the REC are meeting new people and developing lasting friendships.  Antonio enjoys the atmosphere at UArizona and shares his love for exploring the outdoors (and the endless opportunities that come with being in Southern Arizona) by taking people out on new adventures. 

Originally from Lima, Peru, Antonio is currently a junior, majoring in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences.