Campus Rec offers levels 1-5 of American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim and water safety instruction.  For every level of Learn-to-Swim, our instructors build on previously learned skills. Each class is designed to motivate children to want to perform and learn to swim. 

It is common for children to participate in several sessions of Level 1-3 before they successfully demonstrate each skill. That is okay! It is not important how quickly they move through a level, but that they acquire each skill.

As participants progress through the upper levels 4 & 5 and develop stronger skills, they become safer and better swimmers.  In the upper levels, you will see your child perform a variety of skills with ever-increasing levels of quality and confidence.

Please Note: Instructors can provide a variety of accommodations to suit a variety of skills and abilities. Contact crec-aquatics to request disability-related accommodations or with questions about accessibility.