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Game Time



Men's Soccer



7:00 pm

Sitton Field

9/2 Men's Soccer Game UTEP 5:00 pm Sitton Field
9/8 Men's Soccer Game NMT 4:00 pm Sitton Field
9/14 Men's Rugby Game GCU 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm Rincon Vista
9/22 Men's Lacrosse Game Red vs. Blue 1:00 pm Rincon Vista
9/23 Men's Soccer Game GCU 4:00 pm Sitton Field
10/5 Men's Soccer Game ASU 7:00 pm Sitton Field
10/5 Women's Rugby Game Red vs. Blue 7:30 pm Rincon Vista
10/6 Women's Soccer Game GCU TBD Sitton Field
10/7 Men's Soccer Game GCU TBD Sitton Field
10/7 Women's Soccer Game NAU TBD Sitton Field
10/12 Men's Lacrosse Game Alumni 7:00 pm Sitton Field
10/13 Fencing Wildcat Epee Invitational Varies 8:30 am - 6:00 pm MAC Gym
10/14 Women's Soccer Game ASU TBD MAC Gym
10/20 Women's Rugby Game Home Friendly 11:00 am Sitton Field
10/20-10/21 Women's Ultimate Plan B Tournament Varies 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Rincon Vista
11/9-11/11 Men's Waterpolo Nationals Tournament Varies TBD Pool
11/16 Men's Rugby Game Red vs. Blue 5:30 pm Sitton Field
12/1 Women's Lacrosse Game ASU 10:00 am Sitton Field