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The REC & NorthREC Open for Spring Semester Hours

Both centers resume operations with reduced capacity (operating at 25% on a first come, first served basis).  Check the webcam website for capacity notifications.

Reservations are still required for the pool, fitness classes and the bouldering wall at the REC.

With our commitment to your health and safety, the following operations and policies are currently in place...

Be Active. Stay Healthy...Bear Down and Mask Up!

For the complete hours of operation through the start of the Spring 2021 semester, visit


Effective January 11-May 14, 2021: 

Mon-Thu FRI Sat SUN
6a—10p* 6a—9p* 8a—8p* 11a—10p*
*Pool closes 1 hour earlier each day,  Reservations required to use the pool; see tab for Pool & Lane Reservations (REQUIRED).  

 Note:  Spring Semester hours subject to change; holidays may impact hours of operation.


Effective January 11-May 14, 2021: 

Mon-thu FRI Sat & Sun
3p—10p 3p—9p Closed

Note:  Spring Semester hours subject to change; holidays may impact hours of operation.

Rental Center at Outdoor Rec

Effective January 11-May 14, 2021: 
Mon-Fri Sat & Sun
12p—6p Closed

Bouldering Wall

—Open By Reservation Only—

Effective January 11-May 14, 2021: 

Mon-Thu All Other Days/Times
Evenings Closed

See tab for Current Programming/Activities & Pre-Registration

Bike Repair Station at Outdoor Rec

Effective January 11-May 14, 2021: 

Mon-Fri Sat & Sun
11:30a—1:30p Closed

Robson Tennis Courts

Effective January 11-May 14, 2021: 

Mon-Fri Sat & Sun
Sunrise—10p Sunrise—10p

In an effort to make the facilities as safe as possible, Campus Recreation will:

    Increase Cleaning Protocols

    • Clean all high traffic and touch areas frequently with a disinfectant that kills the COVID-19 virus
    • Disinfect bathrooms repeatedly (including the 2 all gender bathrooms behind the Front Desk)
    • Clean exercise equipment on a regular schedule (see Cleaning Zones & Closures)
    • Provide access to disposable gym wipes (located in bucket stands) for individual equipment cleaning
    • Provide automatic hand sanitizer stations throughout the REC and NorthREC

    Adhere to Safety Precautions

    • Require all staff to wear face coverings
    • Monitor staff health
    • Add shield guards to check-in points
    • No longer accept cash transactions

    Impose Social Distancing

    • Limit the number of people in specific areas by setting capacity limits (see tab for Capacity Limitations, Reduced Services, & Closures). Note: Check the website for updates/announcements as facilities approach or have met the limits and must prohibit access to the facility.
    • Enforce distancing of 8 feet between patrons
    • Relocate or remove equipment to provide adequate space barriers
    • Indicate proper spacing perimeters with blue tape on floors

    Minimize Contact

    • Separate entrance and exit areas with stanchions
    • Provide directional signage and posted instructions/protocols within the REC and NorthREC
    • Remove entry and exit gates
    • Eliminate the center turnstile
    • Change out finger vein scanners for card swipes
    • Upgrade restroom sinks, toilets, soap dispensers to automatic/no touch sensors (in progress)
    • Prop open doors to reduce surface contact and provide additional airflow
    • Close all gyms and eliminate close contact activities like basketball, volleyball, team sports, etc.
    • Limit access to the pool and pool deck; require lane reservations to swim
    • Shutdown equipment rentals at ECO
    • Shutdown towel service
    • Limit use of day lockers
    • Close off access to showers (Note: locker rooms/cabanas reopened Nov. 23)

    Keep Patrons Informed of Latest Updates

    • Prioritize communication through the website (announcements, capacity limits, etc.) 
    • Use Campus Rec social media channels to push out to students
    • Communicate directly via email with faculty/staff, alumni, and affiliate members

    Listen to Your Concerns and Make Adjustments, as necessary

    We ask that all members and patrons take personal responsibility for their own safety as well.

    • Carry your CatCard (or government-issued photo ID) for contactless check-in
    • Keep a safe distance of 8 feet apart; no partner workouts
    • Wear a face covering at all times in the REC and NorthREC (*see below for the University of Arizona guidelines and additional information)
    • Practice good hygiene: 
      • Wash hands (or use hand sanitizer) frequently
      • Avoid touching face
      • Cover mouth when coughing/sneezing (use elbow, not hands)
    • Stay home when sick (100.4 or higher temperature)
    • Clean all equipment before and after use
    • Bring your own water bottle, towel, and personal equipment

    *Face Covering Guidelines

    The general guidelines for the University of Arizona are summed up in the graphic below (English and Spanish versions).

    The CDC provides useful face covering resources including Use of Cloth Face Coverings to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19 and instructions on How to Make Your Own Cloth Face Masks (out of common household items) and care for them.  The American Council on Exercise (ACE) offers important information on Exercising with a Face Covering: Safety Do’s and Don’ts.


    Campus Rec is providing access to the pool and weight room/fitness equipment areas only.  New protocols and instructions are posted throughout the REC and NorthREC.  To gain entry and use the facility:

    • Enter (and Exit) the REC only from 6th Street; NorthREC from the main entrance
    • Check in with a CatCard or government-issued photo ID
    • Follow all posted instructions
    • Wear a face covering/mask at all times
    • Maintain 8 feet social distancing
    • Use bursar, credit card, or a personal check for all transactions; cash will not be accepted

    Please Note

    Minors are not allowed in the facility at this time.  

    During Phase 1, Campus Rec is permitted to operate at 25% capacity.  This puts a limit on the number of patrons permitted within the facility at one time.  Upon reaching capacity, notification will be posted on the website and patrons will be asked to wait in a socially-distanced line within the lobby.

    Many services are reduced or closed during Phase 1 reopening at the REC/NorthREC.


    • Lane reservations required through; lanes will be assigned upon arrival
    • No minors/guests permitted in the pool/pool area
    • No group swimming; one person per lane
    • Pool deck is closed to lounging/sunbathing
    • Pool equipment will not be available


    • Equipment Check-Out (ECO) is closed; there will be no equipment rentals
    • "Day Use" lockers are limited
    • The Rental Center at Outdoor Rec (The REC) has reduced, weekday hours only


    • Towel service is unavailable
    • Showers will not be available (Locker rooms/cabanas reopened Nov. 23)
    • Cell Phone Charging Stations are offline
    • Bike Repair Station at Outdoor Rec is only open weekdays at lunchtime

    Closed Spaces

    • Showers in Locker Rooms/Cabanas (Locker rooms/cabanas reopened Nov. 23)
    • North Gym, South Gym, MAC Gym, NorthREC Gym
    • Smart Moves Studio (except for Personal Training)
    • Sitton Field (No Open Recreation)
    • Golf Simulator
    • Lounge areas

    The pool is open to members for lap swimming and shallow water exercise by reservation only.  To reserve a lane in advance, visit (see instructions for how to reserve a lane).  If you do not have an e-mail you will create an account and request access and we will approve your account within 24 business hours (Monday-Friday).  IMLeagues has an app for iOS and android which is ad-free and has all of the same features as the web browser.

    During Phase 1 of the reopening, the following restrictions will be in effect:

    • Pool hours are limited
    • Face coverings will be required at all times on the pool deck
    • Minors/guests are not permitted in the pool or pool area
    • There will be no group swimming; only one person per lane, even for families
    • The pool deck is closed to lounging and sunbathing
    • Pool equipment will not be available for public use; please bring your own personal swim equipment
    • Towel service is unavailable; please bring your own towel
    • Additional pool usage policies currently in effect are available at

    Reservation Guidelines:

    1. You must arrive within 10 min of the session start time to guarantee your spot.
    2. No shows to reservation times are subject to a 48-hour lane reservation system suspension (lane reservations must be canceled in advance via the website to open up to the waitlist).
    3. Thunder and lightning may cause cancellations to reservations. You will be notified via IMLeagues if there is a change to your reservation.
    4. Lane reservations will be limited to one session per day.
    5. Reservation times will become available 24 hours prior to a session (replacing the 12AM day prior policy).
    6. Shallow End space will be available by reservation (lane and shallow area cannot be reserved simultaneously).


    The bouldering wall and group fitness classes will continue to use the IMLeagues online reservation system.

    To Make a Reservation

    You can make a reservation up to 24 hours in advance.  If you do not have an e-mail you will need create an account and request access.  New accounts will be approved within 24 business hours (Monday-Friday).  IMLeagues has an app for iOS and Android which is ad-free and has all of the same features as the web browser.

    Select which area to make a reservation for:

    For on-demand (and in-person, when applicable) programs for Fitness, Intramural Sports, Wellness, Aquatics, Outdoor Rec, and Youth visit Programming "On-Demand" and More!

    Note:  The bouldering wall and group fitness classes require pre-registration through IMLeagues.

    To Make a Reservation

    You can make a reservation up to 24 hours in advance.  If you do not have an e-mail you will need create an account and request access.  New accounts will be approved within 24 business hours (Monday-Friday).  IMLeagues has an app for iOS and Android which is ad-free and has all of the same features as the web browser.

    Select which area to make a reservation for:

    For more information about an individual Campus Rec program (including a complete list of Fall 2020 offerings), select the appropriate button from the top menu on this page.

    New Memberships

    Campus Rec is now accepting new memberships with a sponsor (active member).  Inquire at the front Check-In Desk at the REC or NorthREC.

    Guest Passes

    Day Guest Passes (for adults 18+ years only) are available for purchase if the individual has previously purchased a pass and is already in the system.  At this time, minors are not allowed in the facility. 

    Annual Memberships

    All current annual memberships have been extended by the number of days that Campus Rec had been closed due to the pandemic, equivalent to March 18 through August 30, 2020.  Payroll deductions were not charged during this period.

    Semester Memberships

    Spring semester memberships were partially refunded due to the mid-semester closure.  Fall semester memberships are currently 1/2 off.  There are no Minor Semester Memberships available at this time. 

    Extended Memberships for the Class of 2020

    To celebrate Arizona's Class of 2020, May graduates have been granted "free access" to the REC/NorthREC through the end of the year (December 2020). 


    If you have a membership-related question or issue, please complete the Contact Us form using the subject category "Membership/Refunds/Lost & Found" and a Customer Service team member will respond within 72 hours.

    Rental Center will reopen in Spring 2021.
    The Rental Center is ready to assist you in outfitting your next adventure. We have everything you need for an outdoor excursion—bikes, canoes, tents and more! Take a day trip or a long weekend and enjoy all that Arizona has to offer this fall. Where will you go?
    Hours Currently closed for Winter Break; reopening in Spring 2021
    Entrance 7th Street Outdoor Rec Entrance  (Do NOT need to check in at the REC)
    Safety Protocols

    ► Please wear a face covering while picking up/dropping off equipment.
    ► Camelbaks and cooking equipment currently unavailable for rent.
    ► All equipment thoroughly cleaned before and after usage.

    Learn more about the Rental Center at Outdoor Rec.