Latin Dance: Salsa Intro

This fun and dynamic ‘Beginners” course will provide a basic introduction to the steps and patterns of Salsa, Bachata and Merengue. Brand new beginners will learn about foundational turns, musical timing, movement styling, along with lead and follow techniques.

Salsa, the most well-known musical style and dance will be explored in depth during this beginners course. Individual footwork patterns will be covered without a partner to get you warmed up. Then, we will transition into the more challenging aspect of partner dancing.

Bachata, from the Dominican Republic, has gained popularity around the nation in recent years and is considered one of the most flirtatious of all the Latin dances. Don’t worry, if you are shy or hesitant, Bachata will help you loosen up, and over time help you express that inner confidence that was just waiting to move to the seductive Latin rhythms of Bachata.
Merengue, a popular nightclub dance, is the easiest of the Latin dances to learn. Brand new beginners will find Merengue enticing yet simple to move to. Hence, Merengue will be our first dance to learn, easing us into the more intricate steps of Salsa and Bachata.
So, step into the  exciting world of Salsa. Spice up your life, learn a new skill and make some fantastic new friends! No prior dance experience or partner is necessary. Students, Staff and Faculty are invited to sign up… soon!


Wellness dimension: intellectual
Wellness dimension: physical
Wellness dimension: social


Where & When

6:00pm - 7:30pm
Thursday, March 12 | No Class


Jan 30, 2020 - Feb 6, 2020

Min: 7

Max: 30