SALSA Latin Dance: Styling

Progressive moves in Bachata-Salsa

Join us in this new and exciting course, designed to serve all levels of dancers as a technical and progressive session. Build on fundamental skills and sharpen your mind as you link together some amazing dance patterns.

New and experienced students will learn and re-enforce basic to intermediate moves. These include individual: footwork, shines, turns and spins. During the partnering phase, students will develop and refine intricate lead and follow techniques. Innovative connection drills will be incorporated to enhance dance patterns, dips, musical interpretation and partner styling.

In this progressive course primary emphasis will be on building upon and advancing through Bachata, Salsa and Kizomba steps. Bachata, a flirtatious partner dance derives its roots from the Dominican Republic. Bachata's simplicity makes it a very beginner friendly dance for both the lead and follow.  Salsa, the most well-known musical style will also be explored as we get more into the technical aspects of partner connection, turn patterns, shines, dips and upper body styling components. Students will also be exposed to the Latin Fusion of Kizomba. Kizomba involves a deeper partner connection and technical footwork. Kizomba will heighten awareness of body control, balance, musicality and confidence.

No partner is necessary. Faculty, Staff and New Students are invited to sign up.


Wellness dimension: intellectual
Wellness dimension: physical
Wellness dimension: social


Where & When

7:30pm - 9:00pm
Thursday, March 12 | No Class


Nov 7, 2019 - Feb 6, 2020

Min: 7

Max: 30