Class Descriptions

Cardio & Dance

Dance the day away with this aerobic dance workout that features easy to follow choreography. Whether you are brand new to dance or an experienced dancer, you will be sure to break a sweat and have a great time moving in this class. (INT) 

A people-inspired dance fitness program that is a mix of explosive dancing and bootcamp. This class will give you a total body workout with fun, nightclub dances combined with challenging, bootcamp-inspired exercises. If you like squats, jumping jacks, and shaking it off, join us at MixxedFit! (ADV)

A dance-based fitness class featuring exotic rhythms that are set to high-energy Latin and international beats. This class offers a fun way to get the benefits of cardiovascular training while having fun within Zumba’s dance community-all are welcome! (INT) 

Cardio & Strength

Looking for resistance and cardiovascular training all in one? Use equipment that utilizes full body exercises such as battle ropes, ladders, and boxes that will help you increase strength, endurance, flexibility and functional movement. This class is great for anyone wanting to get some variety out of their workouts! (ALL)

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. This is a total body, heart pumping, anaerobic and strength conditioning workout. This interval-based class combines full-body strength training with high intensity cardio bursts designed to increase strength, improve your endurance and push your boundaries. Modifications for all fitness levels are provided. (INT)

Combining two of our most popular classes – high intensity interval training and core & more! Get your heart rate up and finish with an abdominal burn! (ALL)

Get your heart pumping with this dynamic and energetic cardio class! Who says cardio can’t be fun!? With a new format every week, each workout will keep you moving in a fun, creative way! (ALL)

This class takes place on the new, state of the art Queenax! You will be pushing your fitness to the next level by using tools such as kettle bells, rowers, and med balls to burn calories and have fun in a high paced environment. 

This is a hybrid workout program that combines aerobic exercises in the water and bodyweight exercises on the pool deck. Perform body weight strength training such as lunges, push-ups, core work in and out of the water. Don’t have much swim experience? No problem! This program is geared towards swimmers of all skill levels. The format of the class will vary each session with portions of each class in the water and on the pool deck.

Rev it out, pump it up, and relax it down with this combined cycling, resistance training, & yoga class. Ride-Rep-Recover offers a little of everything in one class; including a high-energy cardio workout, a resistance-based strengthening workout, and a mind/body practice. Prepare to leave feeling relaxed and invigorated! (ADV)

A full body, fast paced workout that takes place on the state of the art Queenax! This class offers movements to increase your strength, endurance, flexibility and functionality while pushing your fitness to the next level. (ALL)

The world's fastest growing functional training network. This class offers a high intensity, circuit style workout for all individuals. All workouts are created by the F45 database of over 3,000 different exercises, so you will never get the same workout twice. (ADV)

Splish-splash with Wildcat Aerobix! This class will give you a full body aerobic workout in the water. Don’t have much swim experience? No problem! This program is geared towards swimmers of all skill levels. (ALL) 

Strength & Core

Strength training isn’t just for the weight room. This class will focus on using weights, med balls, and BOSU’s to blast calories, create lean muscle, and shape your body. Total Body Blast is a traditional weight training class. (ALL)

In this full body workout, you’ll use high-energy music as your pacer while you build strength. Using light to moderate weight selection, this strength workout emphasizes proper alignment and form and is appropriate for beginner and experienced lifters alike.

Focus on your core strength and stability with this express class. This class will challenge the way you think about core training and take you beyond your normal floor crunches. Exercises are designed to challenge all of the muscles of the core to improve posture, balance, and overall body function. 

You’ll get the best of both worlds in this all-levels class. Using a variety of equipment, you’ll build strength and stability by incorporating exercises that are designed to challenge all of the muscles of the core. Then, you’ll complement your core strength with some designated time to build flexibility and help your body recover. 

Use TRX, hanging bars, and bands to help increase strength and endurance. This class will get you moving on and off the Queenax to help you achieve your fitness goals in a fun and unique way.

In this core focused workout, you’ll use ballet inspired techniques to strengthen and lengthen your body. The precise movements and small range of motion will help you tap into muscles you didn’t even know you have! It is recommended to have a chair or wall to act as your barre, as well as light hand weights or any other household item (canned goods, small water bottles, etc.) for extra resistance. (Two)


Kick start your day by combining your cardio and strength training in this non-stop high-energy class! Begin class in the Spin Studio on an intense ride focused on muscular strength and endurance and then jump off the bike mid class for a balanced strength-training workout utilizing just your bodyweight. Finish out the class with a steady state ride. *If you wear cycle shoes that clip in, be prepared to also have closed toed athletic shoes with you* (ALL)

A high-energy cycling workout that will push your fitness limits and that will build muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance through a mix of interval training, climbs, endurance work, and sprints. Training on a bike makes this workout low-impact, yet challenging. Make this class as intense as you wish- it is YOUR ride! (INT)

Combine the benefits of indoor cycling with self-myofascial release in this opportunity that provides both. Building muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance on the bike, work through sprints, endurance work, climbs and interval training with this low-impact workout. After your ride use a foam roller to increase your mobility, flexibility, strength, and performance on and off the bike! (ALL)

Rev it up and then relax it down with this combined cycling, yoga, and stretching class. The class will begin on the bikes with a high-energy cardio workout and will end with a mix of yoga, stretching, and relaxation exercises aimed at building muscle strength, increasing flexibility, and relaxing the mind and body. Prepare to leave feeling relaxed and invigorated!


This class will focus on concentration, centering, control, breath, precision, and flow through a series of movements and exercises that advances training and core strength. A combination of purposeful movements to improve posture, muscle endurance, and core stability. Pilates is a great way to reduce stress. (ALL)

Expand your practice with this dynamic, challenging flow. This class will help you class increase your flexibility and advance your training by moving more rapidly through traditional poses. Learn the power of proper alignment, breathing, and high-energy movements. (INT)

A combination of Pranayama (breath work), Hatha-based asana, and meditation. It focuses on spinal alignment and breath awareness throughout the practice. Mind to body connection will be emphasized as you move though postures, perfecting form and reflecting inward. This class will leave you feelings refreshed, recharged and happy. (ALL)

A flow-sequenced yoga practice that uses a series of flowing postures linked by the breath to stretch and strengthen your body and mind. This class offers various flowing postures to create energy from within. Acknowledge the power of your breath with Vinyasa Yoga. (ALL)

Connect with your mind, body, and spirit in this restorative yoga class designed for all levels providing a variety of health benefits. This relaxing yoga class will combine breath work with other stress-management techniques to leave you feeling relaxed and restored. Postures are held for 2-3 minutes of time to initiate deeper relaxation of the body and mind. (ALL)

An accessible class designed to stretch your body and connect to your breath and heart. This class offers a slow-flow, which focuses on alignment, mindful movements, and steady breathing, in addition to a final relaxation meditation which focuses on centering the body and mind. Enjoy this relaxing and inspiring duo! (ALL)

A Vinyasa flow centered on building and strengthening the core, combining dynamic asanas with targeted abdominal exercises. This class is sure to fire up your core to strengthen your lower back, abs, and obliques.

Allow your body the chance to reset and rejuvenate in this all-inclusive recovery class. Recovery is an important compliment of all other activity. Using blocks, straps, and foam rollers, this prop-friendly class can be performed lying down, seated, or standing. You will learn valuable techniques to relax and practice useful modifications while practicing restorative poses. 

This class will provide you a chance to master the foundations of yoga. With a heavy focus on slow, thoughtful movements and alignment cues, this class is welcoming both to the new yogi looking to begin a practice, to the seasoned yogi who may be looking for additional alignment focus. Everyone is welcome!

Restorative Yoga is a practice of stillness, deep relaxation, and stress relief. In this class, poses will be held for anywhere from 5-15 minutes, fully supported by props such as bolsters, blocks and blankets. This class is perfect for any participant looking to learn more about meditation and/or relieve muscle tension through passive stretching. Stillness can be hard at first, but with patience the practice gets easier over time! Comfortable clothing and socks are recommended for this passive practice. You will leave the session feeling open and refreshed. 

A mind/body class that combines yoga, Pilates, and core practices. This class offers a chance to increase your personal strength, mobility, and mindfulness. Come and discover how your inner strength can shine! (INT)

A energizing, morning yoga practice that gives you the chance to stretch your body with mindful postures and steady breathing. Sunrise Yoga will help you feel rejuvenated to take on the rest of your day. (ALL) 

A slow-flow yoga practice that will give you the chance to master the foundations of yoga. With a heavy focus on thoughtful movements and alignment cues, this class is welcoming both to new yogis, looking to begin a practice, to seasoned yogis, looking for additional alignment focus. Everyone is welcome! (ALL)

Take a pause with Guided Meditation. Wherever you are, this class offers a moment of mindfulness giving you a chance to reset and refocus on the present moment. (ALL)

FREE Variety Class

You’ve made it through the week and it’s time to start your weekend off right – join us every Friday from 5:30-6:30pm for our weekly Happy hour class. This class is FREE, does not require a Fitness pass, and changes formats every week so bring your friend and workout together! The class format will be announced every Thursday on our Instagram @uazcampusrecfitness. (ALL)