Studio 7

 Burn Calories and HIIT It Hard!  Make this the most productive hour of the day! Studio Ignite workouts are fast-paced HIIT sessions that combine self-powered cardio intervals with innovative functional movements. Each day focuses on different areas of the body – upper, lower, or total body; every week switches up the workout format. (ADV)

Socialize and Move at Your Best! Reprogram exercisers’ bodies by optimizing motion so they can feel their best - now and far into the future. Whether the goal is to retain functionality as they age, regain confidence after an injury, or start exercising safely and regularly, this program offers community and movements that develop functional strength, cardiovascular endurance, confidence, and flow. Unlock the body’s potential and help exercisers get the most out of life! (ALL)

Cardio & Dance

 A dance-based fitness class featuring exotic rhythms that are set to high-energy Latin and international beats. This class offers a fun way to get the benefits of cardiovascular training while having fun within Zumba’s dance community-all are welcome! (INT) 

A people-inspired dance fitness program that is a mix of explosive dancing and bootcamp. This class will give you a total body workout with fun, nightclub dances combined with challenging, bootcamp-inspired exercises. If you like squats, jumping jacks, and shaking it off, join us at MixxedFit! (ADV)

Cardio & Strength

The world's fastest growing functional training network. This class offers a high intensity, circuit style workout for all individuals. All workouts are created by the F45 database of over 3,000 different exercises, so you will never get the same workout twice. (ADV)

Rev it out, pump it up, and wind it down with this combined cycling, resistance training, & yoga class. Ride-Rep-Restore offers a little of everything in one class; including a high-energy cardio workout, a resistance-based strengthening workout, and a mind/body practice. Prepare to leave feeling relaxed and invigorated! (ADV)

A full body, fast paced workout for all Wildcats! This class offers movements to increase your strength, endurance, flexibility and functionality while pushing your fitness to the next level. Bear Down! (ALL)

A full body workout that incorporates Cycle and Yoga! You will start the class using high-energy music as your pacer while you train your cardiorespiratory system, followed by a restorative yoga practice! Come get the best of both worlds in a fun environment! This class is made for all experience levels. (ALL)

A full body workout that incorporates Cycle and strength training! You will start the class using high-energy music as your pacer while you build your cardiorespiratory system, followed by a tempo based strength class. Participants will move from the Cycle studio to a multipurpose room to be able to utilize the best equipment for each modality. This class is made for all experience levels. (ALL)


A high-energy cycling workout that will push your fitness limits and that will build muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance through a mix of interval training, climbs, endurance work, and sprints. Training on a bike makes this workout low-impact, yet challenging. Make this class as intense as you wish- it is YOUR ride! (INT)


Expand your practice with this dynamic, challenging flow. This class will help you class increase your flexibility and advance your training by moving more rapidly through traditional poses. Learn the power of proper alignment, breathing, and high-energy movements(INT)

A flow-sequenced yoga practice that uses a series of flowing postures linked by the breath to stretch and strengthen your body and mind. This class offers various flowing postures to create energy from within, utilizing the connection between body and breath.  (ALL)

An accessible class designed to stretch your body and connect to your inner self. This class offers a slow-flow, which focuses on alignment, mindful movements, and steady breathing, in addition to a final relaxation meditation which focuses on centering the body and mind. Enjoy this relaxing and inspiring duo! (ALL)

A energizing, morning yoga practice that gives you the chance to stretch your body with mindful postures and steady breathing. Sunrise Yoga will help you feel awakened and energized to take on the rest of your day. (ALL) 

A slow-flow yoga practice that will give you the chance to master the foundations of yoga. With a heavy focus on thoughtful movements and alignment cues, this class is welcoming both to new yogis, looking to begin a practice, and to seasoned yogis, looking for additional alignment focus. Everyone is welcome! ! (ALL)