IMLeagues is utilized as a pre-registration tool for all Group Fitness and F45 classes. Participants are eligible to register 24 hours in advance of each class and must arrive 10 minutes prior to start time in order to guarantee their spot. 5 minutes prior to class start time all waiting participants are welcome in to open spots. Steps to pre-register are below: 

  1. Go to and sign-in. If you do not already have an account you can sign-up for one. If you do not have an e-mail you will request access and we will approve your account within 24 business hours. 
    Screenshot of IMLeagues sign-in page
  2. Click the fitness box on the top left and scroll down to select the class you would like to attend within the next 24 hours. 
    Screenshot of IMLeagues dashboard
  3. Once you have selected the class you would like to attend, click "sign-up" and you are good to go!
    Screenshot of fitness class on IMLeagues