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GROUP FITNESS Schedule:  Spring 2019


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Doors will open 15 minutes before class begins. The instructor will let in all pre-registered participants during this time. At 5 minutes before class starts, it is first come first serve to all participants.

Please plan accordingly in order to save your spot and arrive before the 5 minute cut-off.

Thank you!

UA Campus Recreation Group Fitness Instructors offer a variety of class options ranging from 30 to 75 minutes long to meet your schedule and style! Group Fitness is a great option for those who love working out in a motivational setting with others. Group Fitness provides benefits physically, socially, and spiritually.

What to know

  • Classes are drop-in style, so you do not have to attend the same classes each week in order to progress. 
  • Group Fitness classes do not allow late entry
  • Everyone in attendance must have a valid Group Fitness Semester Pass, One Time Pass, or coupon to attend. All participants must bring photo ID or have a registered finger vein in the Campus Recreation System.
  • All Group Fitness Passes are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • Class attendance minimum is 3 participants. Class can be canceled at Instructors discretion if less than minimum 

Group Fitness Pass Options

Fall/Spring Semester Group Fitness- Member $60          
Fall/Spring Semester Group Fitness- Non-Member $80          
Fall/Spring Semester F45 only - Member $45          
Fall/Spring Semester F45 only - Non-Member $65          
Fall/Spring Semester Group Fitness & F45 - Member $90          
Fall/Spring Semester Group Fitness & F45- Non-Member $125          
Summer- Member $50          
Summer- Non-Member $70          
Annual Fitness Pass- Member $150          
Annual Fitness Pass- Non-Member $210          
Semester Working Professional Pass- Member $40          
Semester Working Professional Pass- Non-Member $60          
One Class Pass  $7           


Map of Group Fitness Class Locations

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is a working professional pass? 

A:  A working professional fitness pass allows for participation in classes Monday through Friday between 6 am - 2 pm, and all classes Saturday, & Sunday. This pass option is to benefit those that work full time and are interested in coming to the Recreation Center during non-peak hours. 

Q: Does the annual fitness pass include summer? 

A: Yes, the annual fitness pass will include Fall, Spring, and Summer semester. Annual fitness pass holders get the most bang for their buck with this option so if you plan to attend Group Fitness classes each semester, this is the way to go! 

Q: I'm not sure yet if I want to buy a Group Fitness pass for the semester. What are my options? 

A: At the beginning of each semester, check the website for the "FREE WEEK" schedule. This is an opportunity to try out our classes for the semester before deciding if Group Fitness is a good fit for you. You can also buy a One Class Pass at any time during the semester if you wish to drop in to one class. You can purchase a one class pass at the front desk on your way into the facility. The receipt is then used as your ticket to the class. Please arrive ten minutes early at least to get checked into the class on time. 

Q: Why do the Group Fitness doors lock after start time? 

A: The doors will close at the start time of class and there is no late entry for your own safety and to avoid disruption of the class flow. It is vital to your health and safety to be involved in the warm up of class which will take place between the first 3-5 minutes. We want to be sure that your muscles are properly warmed up and ready to move to avoid any injuries. The instructor arrives early to help participants get set up to start the class on-time so please arrive 5-10 minutes early for class to be prepared and ready to go! 

Q: How do I purchase a Group Fitness pass? 

A: Group Fitness passes can be purchased online here or at the front desk. Be sure that once you add your pass option to your online shopping cart, you remember to check out at the bottom of the screen. Your pass will then be active using your CatCard or your registered finger vein through the front desk. If you do not wish to register your finger vein and do not have a CatCard, you can simply bring a photo ID with you to class for a name lookup. 

Has your question not been addressed? Feel free to contact us - crec-fitwell@email.arizona.edu