F45 Coach Trainee


Fall 2023

Rate of Pay


info Accepting applications until Sunday, May 12, 2024 - 17:00

Job Description

F45 Coach Trainees at Campus Rec will be in charge of leading at least one F45 class per week. They will create a safe and enjoyable fitness experience by giving clear explanations of the exercises, providing different options for each exercise, coaching through exercises, providing positive feedback, and maintaining a high-energy environment, which includes appropriate music selection and control. The Coach will also answer any questions from participants to the best of their ability. An in-house training will be provided to make sure the instructor is prepared. Coach Trainees are required to obtain a NCCA-recognized Personal Training or Group Fitness Instructor certification within 6 months of hire.


The University of Arizona, Department of Campus Recreation values inclusivity, diversity, equity, and access for all. We support the University’s strategic initiative to create an inclusive environment and promote wellbeing for the University of Arizona community. Our goal is to provide safe services, programs, and facilities for all backgrounds, identities, and abilities. We foster a culture where people can thrive as individuals within our community.

Duties & Responsibilities

-Provide friendly customer service to EVERY patron entering Group Fitness classes

-Check all patrons in to F45 classes and troubleshoot any issues

-Provide up to date information to patrons regarding Fitness and Wellness Programs

-Model department values and expectations

-Enforce fitness class policies

-Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of class and answer any question 5 minutes after class is completed.

-Open group fitness room and ensure room is clean and prepared for class

-Maintain class counts for classes

-Respond to any F45 issues while on shift

-Aid in routine cleaning of rooms and equipment closets

-Aid in the positive development of the Fitness and Wellness program at Campus Recreation.

-Attend staff meetings and trainings

-Special projects as assigned

-Take preventative action for hazards and injuries. Immediately communicate issues or emergencies to a Fitness & Wellness supervisor

-Attend all required Fitness & Wellness meetings, mandatory training sessions, and Campus Recreation Trainings

-Offer useful, tactful, and safe advice to individuals regarding their exercise program and/or use of equipment

-Provide safe and effective instruction of all cardiovascular and weight training equipment

-Have at least one class to instruct on the weekly schedule

-Sub at least 2 classes per semester

-Possibility of setting-up and tearing down room for the next F45 class


-Excellent customer service skills

-Detail-oriented and self-motivated

-Weekday late afternoon/evening, & weekend availability

-Successful completion of the in-house F45 training

Required Trainings/Certifications

The successful incumbent is required to have the following certifications and training:


-American Red Cross Adult First Aid CPR/AED certification within 45 days of hire and renew every two years.  


-All Department of Campus Recreation employees are required to complete blood borne pathogen training within 45 days of hire and renew on an annual basis.


-Complete New Employee training which includes but not limited to Emergency Action Plan, Nondiscrimination and Anti-harassment Policy training, All-Employee Security (Computer) Awareness, Online Driver Registration & Golf Cart (if authorized),  and Youth Safety Training within 45 days of hire.