F45 Coach Trainee


Fall 2021

Rate of Pay: 


Application Dates

June 9, 2021 - December 16, 2021

Job Description

F45 Coach Trainees at Campus Rec will be in charge of leading at least one F45 class per week. They will create a safe and enjoyable fitness experience by giving clear explanations of the exercises, providing different options for each exercise, coaching through exercises, providing positive feedback, and maintaining a high-energy environment, which includes appropriate music selection and control. The Coach will also answer any questions from participants to the best of their ability. An in-house training will be provided to make sure the instructor is prepared. Coach Trainees are required to obtain a NCCA-recognized Personal Training or Group Fitness Instructor certification within 6 months of hire.

Duties & Responsibilities

-Provide friendly customer service to EVERY patron entering Group Fitness classes

-Check all patrons in to F45 classes and troubleshoot any issues

-Provide up to date information to patrons regarding Fitness and Wellness Programs

-Model department values and expectations

-Enforce fitness class policies

-Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of class and answer any question 5 minutes after class is completed.

-Open group fitness room and ensure room is clean and prepared for class

-Maintain class counts for classes

-Respond to any F45 issues while on shift

-Aid in routine cleaning of rooms and equipment closets

-Aid in the positive development of the Fitness and Wellness program at Campus Recreation.

-Attend staff meetings and trainings

-Special projects as assigned

-Take preventative action for hazards and injuries. Immediately communicate issues or emergencies to a Fitness & Wellness supervisor

-Attend all required Fitness & Wellness meetings, mandatory training sessions, and Campus Recreation Trainings

-Offer useful, tactful, and safe advice to individuals regarding their exercise program and/or use of equipment

-Provide safe and effective instruction of all cardiovascular and weight training equipment

-Have at least one class to instruct on the weekly schedule

-Sub at least 2 classes per semester

-Possibility of setting-up and tearing down room for the next F45 class

-Excellent customer service skills

-Detail-oriented and self-motivated

-Weekday late afternoon/evening, & weekend availability

-Successful completion of the in-house F45 training

Required Trainings/Certifications

The successful incumbent is required to have the following certifications and training:


-Valid Adult CPR and First Aid Certification from American Red Cross is required within 45 days of hire; Employees are required to obtain these certifications at their own expense. Campus Recreation offers a discount on certification classes for eligible employees. Other certifications may be considered. Check with your supervisor prior to making arrangements to obtain these certifications.


-All Department of Campus Recreation employees are required to complete blood borne pathogen training within 45 days of hire and renew on an annual basis.


-Complete New Employee training which includes but not limited to Emergency Action Plan, Nondiscrimination and Anti-harassment Policy training, All-Employee Security (Computer) Awareness, Online Driver Registration & Golf Cart (if authorized),  and Youth Safety Training within 45 days of hire.