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Military Combat Arts: Reality Self-Defense

Military Combat Arts: Reality self-Defense

In this self defense class, students will be exposed to the best protective techniques from the "Military Combat Arts" program. Deriving from the US military and Israeli army training protocols MCA will teach you how to avoid or escape any potential threat. These threats can include robberies, street-fights, assaults or abduction attempts. Learn important awareness and deterrence skills needed to intercept manipulators and their violent plans. Develop the  de-escalation techniques needed to minimize aggressive situations. Discover the effective arm and wrist restraint moves that can be used to control unruly individuals without excessive force. If the situation gets worse and the attack is unavoidable, then MCA will provide the best combative techniques to punch and kick your way out to safety.
Street assault scenarios to include restrictive holds (bear hugs and headlocks) will also be covered. Master the physical maneuvers and stressful mental challenges as you escape those dangerous circumstances. Experience simulated violence in a safe and fun environment.....all under the watchful eye of a certified instructor and former US Marine. Start your journey of personal empowerment, minimize the fear and sign up for MCA today!


Military Combat Arts: Defense: Session 1

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11/14/2017 to 02/07/2018
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Wed Feb 07 2018

Repeats every week every Wednesday until Thu Apr 05 2018 except Wed Mar 07 2018.
5:15pm to 6:30pm