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Captain's Responsibilites

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    Sand Volleyball Courts will be unavailable on Sunday, Oct. 21st from 4pm-11pm
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Intramural team captains serve as the communication link between their team and the Intramural Sports Program. They are responsible for understanding Intramural information and passing it on to team members. Duties include, but are not limited to:

Pre-Season Duties:

  • Follow the proper procedures (found in IMLeagues tab) for registering your team for league play.
  • You are only allowed to be the captain for one team per league.
  • You must complete the Captain's Quiz within IMLeagues in order to join a league.
  • You agree to read the Intramural Sports Handbook and the rules for your sport as well as ensuring that all team members understand and abide by them. Please be sure to understand player conduct and eligibility, and forfeit/default policies.
  • Have each team member create an IMLeagues account to join your team.

In Season Duties:

  • Inform team members of play schedules to ensure enough members are present to avoid a forfeit.
  • Be aware of your teams' sportsmanship points to ensure making the playoffs.
  • In case of forfeit, pay the $30.00 re-entry fee before your next contest so that the team may continue to play.
  • Check to be sure that players printed first and last name are on the game scorecard.
  • Provide score keeper/timers in the sports required.
  • Ensure that team has same color/numbered shirts in appropriate sports.
  • Ensure that you, your team and spectators play within the spirit of the game.
  • Ensure that you, your team and spectators comply with all rules, policies and procedures during participation.
  • Ultimately you are responsible for the actions of the team. In all cases when an offending party on your team cannot be identified you will be held responsible and could face sanctions.
  • One team member's actions can be responsible for the entire team being ejected from a league.

General Duties:

  • Control actions & accept responsibility for conduct of team members & fans.
  • When an Unsportsmanlike penalty cannot be assigned to a team member or spectator the captain shall receive the penalty.
  • Maintain a cooperative attitude with all Officials and Supervisors while serving as an example of good sportsmanship for others to follow.
  • Be familiar with the rules and officiating techniques of all sports that you participate in.
  • Accommodate players by inviting Free Agents to play.
  • Serve as the voice for your team.