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Summer Student Memberships FAQs

  • Winter Break Hours Begin Friday, Dec. 14

    On 12/14, the Rec Center will change to Winter Break hours. Check the website for an updated list of hours & closures.
  • Indoor Track & Weight Room Turf Closed Dec.10-13

    Indoor track to be re-striped; Weight Room turf to be painted with yard lines and fitness ladder. Our apologies for any inconvenience.
  • Finals Survival Week Starts Thursday

    Check out all the free activities and events happening Dec. 6-13 to help you de-stress during finals.
  • Outdoor Rec closed for Winter Break. Reopens Jan. 8, 2019.

    Contact crec-outdoorrecreation@email.arizona.edu for all past due rentals or general inquiries.
  • Reach the UA market directly... Hall of Freebies!

    Get your product/service in front of 1200 students on the first day of class. Learn more about the Jan. 9, 2019 event at Campus Rec.

Questions about the Summer Student Memberships?  Here are the answers to some common questions about Summer Student Memberships.

I took classes in the fall and spring but I am not taking classes this summer, do I have to purchase a membership for the summer?

No. Since you were enrolled in both the previous fall and spring semesters, you will automatically be granted a membership for the summer.


I only took classes last spring, and I am taking classes next fall. Do I have to purchase a membership for the summer?

Yes. Since you were only enrolled in the previous spring semester, and not the previous fall semester as well, you will need to purchase a membership for the summer.

I am taking classes this summer, but I did not take classes in the fall or spring. Do I have to pay a membership fee this summer?

As a student enrolled in summer classes, you will receive an automatic summer membership only during the duration of your course. However, since you did not take classes in both the previous fall and spring semesters, your Bursar Account will be charged a pro-rated fee per unit taken in the summer. 

I took classes last fall and spring, and I am taking classes this summer. Why am I being charged the H&R fee?

The H&R fee is split with Campus Health. The university is only charging a portion of the H&R fee in the summer. The revenue from this fee will go to Campus Health. You will receive an automatic membership because you were enrolled in the previous fall and spring semester, and you will not be charged any additional Campus Recreation student fees. 

Can I bursar the membership fee?

Only currently enrolled students may pay for services via their bursar account. If you are not enrolled for classes during a given term, you will not be able to bursar the charges. 

I am a student at another school. Can I purchase a membership over the summer to use the Rec Center?

Yes, you can purchase a summer membership to Campus Recreation for the summer at our normal summer rate ($125 for the entire summer).  Please bring your student ID with you at time of purchase.