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Locker Room Renovation: Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the renovation of the locker rooms necessary?

The locker rooms have remained largely untouched since they were built in 1990. The current design does not provide the modern features expected by college students today. Additionally, the locker room has seen significant wear and tear over the years. While we could keep repairing the locker room, we feel it is better to modernize the facility. The current locker room design does not provide any gender inclusive spaces. The new design will provide 14 private cabana style rooms which provide fully private spaces to shower and change before or after a workout. 

What is the scope of the renovation?

The project will entail a full renovation of the current locker room space. This is much more than a face lift. The project will create all gender space located outside of the men's/women's locker room. Additionally, the elevator currently located between the two locker rooms will be demolished and replaced by a new, larger elevator near the south gym entrance. This will create an open corridor through the locker room out to the pool deck. This will be a much more dynamic space more in line with current design standards. The large shower rooms will be replaced by individual private showers. The old metal lockers will be upgraded to new phenolic lockers. Additionally, the air handling systems will be updated to better handle the humidity and aromas found in the locker rooms. 

What are the key highlights of the locker room renovation project?

  • 14 private, all-gender, private cabanas 
  • New layout creating open corridor to the pool deck
  • Top of the line lockers, including smaller wallet/phone lockers and larger lockers to accommodate motorcycle helmets 
  • Lockers available for rent in the all-gender area 
  • New day-use lockers throughout the facility
  • Increased privacy accomplished through the layout of the space
  • Private shower stalls within the gendered locker rooms
  • Windows will provide natural light in the locker rooms
  • Lounge area between locker rooms 
  • Restroom accessible from the pool deck near the entrance of the locker rooms

How long will the construction last?

The construction of the new elevator will begin in early March and will continue through mid-June/July. 

The construction on the locker rooms will being on May 8th. Construction is now expected to be complete by September 15th. 

For more information about the construction schedule, please visit rec.arizona.edu/locker-room-renovation-project-schedule

Will the Rec Center remain open during the renovation?

There are no planned closures of the Rec Center during the renovation. For updated hours, please visit rec.arizona.edu/locations


Where can I shower during the construction?

Campus Recreation has provided two shower trailers on the pool deck. Each trailer has eight showers. Additionally, right behind the front desk there are two fully accessible showers. 

Your safety is our primary concern. When lightning is in the area, we must close the pool deck, which will include access to the shower trailers. Please be aware that the shower trailers will be closed during lighting. 

Where can I change before or after my workout?

You may change in any of the restrooms, or in the shower trailers. "Deck Changing," the act of wrapping a towel around your body in order to change clothes," is not permitted in public spaces. Please respect our members and change in the restrooms or shower trailers. 

Will lockers be available during the construction?

Day-use lockers will be available during construction. Unfortunately, there will be no lockers available for rent during the construction. We will be in contact with all annual locker renters to discuss removal of belongings during construction, and restoring their locker upon the completion of the construction. 

Several lockers will be available for daily use throughout the facility. 

Will there be saunas in the new locker rooms?

Saunas will not be included in the renovation. We reviewed this as a possibility but the space constraints associated with the existing locker room footprint did not allow the inclusion of saunas. 

How much will the renovation cost, and how is it being funded?

The total cost of the renovation is approximately $5 million. This includes all design work, construction, and equipment needed to complete the renovation. The project is being funded by Campus Recreation's budget. We have been planning for this project for several years and have saved the necessary funds to complete the project. Campus Recreation is actively fundraising for this project to offset the costs associated with the renovation. 

How were students involved in the planning/design process?

From the initial feasibility study, through the design process, students were involved in the planning of this renovation. Several focus groups were held with students from a variety of groups, including ASUA, GPSC, LGBTQ Affairs, the Campus Recreation Advisory Committee, and Campus Recreation staff and users. Feedback helped to drive the design to be the most inclusive and welcoming. Students assisted with the development of facility spaces, layouts, and even the names of space within the renovation. 

What if I have more questions about this project? Who should I contact?

Any Campus Recreation staff member should be able to answer most questions about the project. For customer service inquiries, contact Renee Wood at reneewood@email.arizona.edu.  For specific project inquires, contact Robert Rodriguez, Facilities Manager at robertr2@email.arizona.edu.

Will parking be affected by the renovation?

No University parking will be lost during the renovation. However, the contractor has reserved six metered parking spots on 7th St to accommodate deliveries and job site access. The parking spaces will be fenced and will remain unavailable through the duration of the project.