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Club Resources

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Club Resources

The forms and information below are to assist club officers with overall club operations.  These forms should be completed, saved and emailed to Club Sports at CREC-ClubSports@email.arizona.edu

Officers should refer to IMLeagues.com/arizona to access all current forms. Are you looking for instructions on how sign-up on IMLeagues, or how to join a club team? Follow these how-to's:

How To Create an Account

How to Join a Club Team on IMLeagues

How to Submit Forms on IMLeagues

Administrative FORMS

Faculty Staff Advisor

Volunteer Coach Agreement


Community Service Log

Semester Report - see IMLeagues


Away Event Request - see IMLeagues

Home Event Request - see IMLeagues 

Post Event Report - see IMLeagues

Excused Absence Request

Practice Request - see IMLeagues

Financial Forms

Budget Template

Foundation Reimbursement Request 

Reimbursement Request

Emergency Funding Request - see IMLeagues 

W-9 Form


Club Handbook 2018-2019

Visiting Team Guide 2018-2019

new club application

Club Application

FORM How-To's

Roster How-To

W-9 How-To

Excused Absence Request How-To

Emergency Funding Request How-To





Saturday  8/18 Fall Officer Orientation 10:00am - 2:00pm Larosn
Tuesday 8/21 Coach Orientation 6:00pm PACR
Wednesday 9/5 Monthly Meeting 6:30pm NCR
Thursday 10/4 Monthly Meeting 6:30pm NCR
Wednesday 10/17 Reverse Career Fair TBD TBD
Monday 11/5 Monthly Meeting 6:30pm NCR
Tuesday  12/4 Monthly Meeting 6:30pm NCR







At least one officer must be in attendance for all Monthly Meetings and Health Seminars. Varsity Clubs and Conditional Clubs are required to have two officers present. 

Officer Orientations require two officers to be in attendance.