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Officers' Corner

  • Notice: Commercial Filming in Women's Locker Room This Thursday

    Small film crew on Women's side, June 21, 8:30-11:30a. Locker room to remain open; but please change in cabanas during that time.

Officers' Corner

The forms and information below are to assist club officers with overall club operations.  These forms should be completed, saved and emailed to Club Sports at CREC-ClubSports@email.arizona.edu


Budget/Financial Forms

Emergency Funding Request

Funding Request

Budget Template

Foundation Reimbursement

Reimbursement Request

W-9 Form


Facility Forms

Practice Request

Special Event Request


Officer Forms

Assumption of Risk

Code of Conduct

Faculty Staff Advisor


Semester Form


Travel Forms

Event Registration

Excused Absence Request


Miscellaneous Forms

Club Application

End of Year Report

Post Game Report

Volunteer Coach

Visiting Team Guide


FORM How-To's

Roster How-To

W-9 How-To

Excused Absence Request How-To

Emergency Funding Request How-To





Tuesday 1/9 Spring Officer Orientation 11am-3pm Riverpark Inn
Monday 1/22 Coach Orientation 6:30pm NCR
Tuesday 2/13 Monthly Meeting 6:30pm NCR
Monday 2/26 Health Seminar 6:30pm NCR
Wednesday 3/22 Monthly Meeting 6:30pm PACR
Thursday 4/5 Health Seminar 6:30pm NCR
Wednesday 4/18 Monthly Meeting 6:30pm NCR
Sunday 4/29 End of Semester Celebration TBD TBD







At least one officer must be in attendance for all Monthly Meetings and Health Seminars