Expeditions & Spring Break

9 Days of Backpacking, Walking across Glaciers, and whitewater rafting

Surfers have Hawaii, Mountaineers have Everest, Backpackers have Alaska. Going there is a rite of passage. Too often Backpackers think that the wilds of Alaska are accessible to big spenders with heaps of experience and a bush plane. Not if you sign up with UA Outdoor Rec!


  • June 23rd - Arrive at Anchorage International Airport and Transportation to Spring Creek Farm, Palmer AK
  • June 24th - 28th - Begin a 35 Mile - Independence Pass-Bomber Pass Trail
  • June 29th - Matanuska Glacier Exploration - Near Chickaloon, AK
  • June 30th - 6-Mile Raft Experience with NOVA River Guides - Near Hope, AK
  • July 1st- Transportation and Departure from Anchorage International Airport, AK


Wellness dimension: environmental
Wellness dimension: physical
Wellness dimension: social



Travel: This trip travels in a remote wilderness setting where medical services and communication with civilization are not readily available. Participants on this course are expected to act in a professional manner. They will be expected to understand, be aware of, and avoid the hazards of the area. If an incident does occur the group will act as a team to provide the best care for the patient as possible.

Group Dynamics: Participants understand that we will be working together in close proximity for an extended time. Each person will do their best to take care of themselves and others, being aware of their behavior in order to be respectful traveling companions. Good expedition behavior requires that each individual take care of themselves so in order to better take care of others in a selfless way.

Fitness: Each participant should be able to carry at least a 50lb pack over rough terrain off trail and long days averaging 8 hours of travel. This includes climbing steep passes over scree and boulders, crossing cold, swift rivers, and bushwacking through thick alder and willow. If you have any doubts about your physical ability to complete the course or allergies to food or medications, or chronic injuries such as a bad back or knees please let the instructors know.

Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, Phones: We aim to have as safe a course as possible. To this end no alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs or phones/musical listening devices are allowed.

Intro Meeting

Before participating in this activity, you are required to attend a mandatory introductory meeting.