Rafting, Surf, and SUP


Rafting is a recreational outdoor activity which uses an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other body of water. Rafting is considered an extreme sport and dealing with risk and the need for teamwork is a part of the experience! With Overnight Trips and Expeditions available, there is a trip option for everyone.  No Experience Necessary!

Three Rivers will be competing for our boats and you!  Whichever one gets the most water will be the lucky body of water that we will raft!  The only thing that matters: the best whitewater run!


Surfing is a surface water sport and the surfer rides on the forward face of a moving wave. Outdoor Rec has several opportunities in both Fall and Spring semesters to take a weekend vacation to San Diego to Surf!

For surfing, Outdoor Rec travels to San Onofre State Beach near San Diego, California which is renowned for it's mellow surf and classic laid-back atmosphere. Over the weekend, we will have several opportunities to surf the various breaks along the beach.  All levels of surfing ability are welcome and a surf lesson is included with the trip fee.  Camping will be in a tent site near the beach, which is equipped with fire rings, toilets, and outdoor showers. Get your fix in the ocean and relax at the beach!


Stand Up Paddle-boarding (SUP) is an offshoot of surfing that originated in Hawaii. The sport was documented in a 2013 report that identified it as the fastest growing outdoor sporting activity in the United States. Need a day by the water?  Join Outdoor Rec on one of our SUP trips!

Lake Patagonia SUP Trip

Patagonia Lake is located South of Tuscon, Arizona and it is a great place to learn to SUP!

Stand up paddle boarding is a fun activity you can do on oceans, lakes and rivers. It’s a great way to experience the beauty of the outdoors and, best of all, it’s perfect for people of all ages, body types and skill levels.

Transportation, lunch and guides are provided.


Wellness dimension: emotional
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Wellness dimension: spiritual

Where & When

October 5, 2019


Jul 25, 2019 - Sep 30, 2019

Min: 4

Max: 5


Member - $65
Non-Member - $75