AORE Campus Challenge


Do you want to prove that your the most outdoorsy? If so here is a PERFECT opportunity for you to prove that! AORE Campus Challenge (September 16th- October 13th) is a nation wide competition against all universities going head to head on trying to prove whos the most outdoorsy! The University of Arizona is currently undergoing this competition and we need YOU to help us prove to not only those Sun Devils and Lumberjacks but to the nation, that we are the most Outdoorsy School!


To get involved in this competition is super easy!

1.You need to download the app "AORE CC" on your phones

2. Sign up and when you sign up make sure to pick that your institution is The University of Arizona and pick you affliation with the University, either Student, Staff, Alumni, Community Supporter, etc.

3. Open your app and post pictures on the app of your outdoor activity to get points!

That Simple!