Bike Station

Hours of Operation

Academic Monday-Friday: 11:30-1:30 pm
Summer: Closed

Located on UA Mall in front of the Henry Koffler Building

The following services are offered at no charge

  • Bicycle Registration (Help recover your bike in the event it is stolen).
  • Bicycle Assistance
    • pump up your tires/check pressure
    • flat tire assistance
    • minor rim brake adjustment
    • seat adjustment
    • handle bar adjustment/correction
  • Bicycle related material -maps brochures/flyers/events information
  • Friendly service by Outdoor Rec's Student Bike Mechanics!

Basic mechanic classes, bike rentals, trips and other fee based services

  • Mountain Bike and Road Bike Rentals: Want to try your hand at mountain biking but don't have a bike? Do you have a burning desire to conquer Mt Lemon on a road bike? We can help with that! We have all the gear to outfit your pursuits. 
  • Minor* Bicycle Repair: If the Bike Station doesn't have the parts don't fret. Just buy the part and we can install it for you for a $5 service fee.