Hutches Pool

Directions to Hutches Pool

Looking for a good beginner's backpacking trip? Check out our trip to Hutches Pool. This overnight is challenging, but a moderate level of miles to test out your first time backpacking. 

Trip Total: 14 miles

Exertion Level: Moderate

Begin by starting at the Gordan Hirabayashi campground. This is a popular destination on the mountain with multiple hikes, climbing crags, as well as trails that allow horses and mountain bikes. This area is filled with various recreation users, so be mindful of all the other users. If doing this as a backpacking trip, be sure to park in the lot before the gate into the campground and larger parking lot. Beyond the gate is exclusively day parking, behind the gate is safe to park overnight.

Start the trip by heading down Sycamore Reservoir Trail #29. Here you'll continue down till you reach the first saddle, an amazing view before you ascend down into the canyon. Continue on until the trail ends and turns into East Fork Trail #24A. You'll take this trail all the way down to Hutches Pool.

You'll come across multiple junctions, remember to stay on the East Fork Trail. Eventually about 7 miles in, you'll see a cairn, tree, and path down to the water on the right side of the trail.  

Take this path till you reach the multiple beach campsites and the destination of Hutches Pool. Be sure to bring your preferred water purification method to ensure you have enough for the hike out.

Essential Gear for Backpacking:

-Cooking method (jetboil, gas stove, etc)

-Water purification method (water filter pump, chemical, boiling, etc.)


-Sleeping bag

-Poop kit (toilet paper, shovel, wipes, hand sanitizer)

-Trash bag (remember to pack in what you back out!)

-Food & snacks