Lemmon Pools

Lemmon Pools Directions

Welcome to Outdoor Recs guide to Lemmon Pools!

Follow these directions to get to this pristine spot on Mt. Lemmon. Perfect for a summer heat escape to the high altitude falls. 

For our hike, we decided to start at Mint Springs Trail (picture #1). This in total made our trip 9.2 miles. However, many trails connect to where you'll want to go later in this hike. Check out picture #2 to the multiple routes that get you to Wilderness of Rocks.

Start continuing along the Mint Springs Trail for about 1.7 miles till you reached the Marshal Gultch saddle (picture #3). Then continued on from the saddle down Wilderness of Rocks #44. This saddle has multiple hikes connecting, so check the trailhead sign you're on the right trail before continuing (picture #4&5).

Once on WIlderness of Rocks, you'll continue for another 1.8 miles till you reach the trail junction with Lemmon Lookout Trail #12. From here you'll cross the stream two more times, off on the left side of the second crossing is a faint path to continue alongside the stream. Continue down a couple of hundred feet till you see a large boulder and pine tree next to each other (picture #5). This is your signal to move over to the left where there is also a cairn on top of a fallen tree. 

Now you are at Lemmon Canyon, from here continue as far down as you feel comfortable. Keep in mind scrambling is required! Experience in land navigation bouldering/climbing is necessary to get to some of the larger pools. However, there are plenty of visit worthy pools almost immediately remember to only descend also low down the canyon as you feel comfortable ascending. As you decided how far to continue down, remember to stay on the left side of the canyon as much as possible and avoid cliffing out. 

Enjoy your beautiful day at the Lemmon Pools!