Sloth Slabs

Sloth Slabs Description

Sloth Slabs was established in 2017 by local Tucson climber, Justin Headley. Headley was constantly finding himself wishing there was a better location on the mountain to teach new climbers how to lead climb, set and clean anchors, and rappel. Tucson is well known for its hard climbs and even with over 2,000 climbs on the mountain, there still wasn't a great location to teach. With this in mind, Headley built this crag and established Sloth Slabs. 

Sloth slabs has one of the easiest and clearest approaches of any crag on the mountain and can easily be found! To find it start driving up to Mt Lemmon till you reach the turn off for the Sunset trailhead, it will be on the left. Instead of parking, continue up and to the right on a dirt road that passes multiple cabin homes. After about a half mile-mile the road will open to a clearing where you can park your car (picture #1). From there grab your gear and head down the dirt road towards more cabin homes (picture #2). Walkabout .25 miles till just before the road bends left, then turn off to the right up a driveway. The crags entrance is right next to a home, so please be respectful as you approach and pass through the area (picture #3). The crag approach is easily seen runs along the power lines. Pictures on show the area with multiple trees, but the path was recently cleared for powerline work in the fall of 2019 (pictures 4 &5). Continue down the trail, in picture #6 you can see a well-established trail picture 6 is facing the path to continue down to Sloth Slabs. In that same area, just behind you (picture #7) is the path to Marylin Manson, another great crag in the area that you can graduate too after feeling confident at Sloth Slabs. Continue til the area open up and you approach the crag! The crag has 12 established routes ranging from 5.3 to 5.10. Click here for the mountain project page with more information on each route.

We hope you enjoy this beautiful crag! Remember to bring the proper gear and assess your own personal risk appropriately.