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  • Do you have a favorite memory of your Club Sport Team?  Intramural Sport Team?  Fitness?  Aquatics?  Outdoor Adventures?
  • Have you worked at Campus Recreation?
  • Have you made long-lasting relationships through Campus Recreation?
  • Has Campus Recreation inspired your life or shaped your career?

If you can answer any of these questions, consider yourself invaluable to UA Campus Recreation !

We’re hoping to not only connect with you and help recall those ‘glory days,’ but also share your story to reconnect with alumni and current students. Upload your story or picture below and check back often to see other stories!

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My transition from a small town of 8,000 people to a University of 31,000 undergrads was difficult as I struggled to find my “place on campus”.  As an athlete, I found comfort and familiarity in my 6am workouts and group fitness classes at Campus Recreation. The student staff was always so friendly and positive which gave me hope to one day work in their positions. I explored different clubs and activities on campus, but it wasn’t until I
was hired as a WR Monitor in May of my sophomore year that I truly found my “place” on campus. My employment thus far has provided me with great friends, memorable experiences, and the initiative to make a positive difference on campus.

I consider the Campus Rec staff a fraternity or club, and the employees here as more than just that. My first summer working at the Rec provided me with unexpected yet meaningful cook outs, holiday celebrations, and endless sun tanning and weight lifting sessions with coworkers. I can always count on these people for a good laugh on a bad day. My positive experiences have encouraged me to take on two additional part time positions because my work has become a hobby. I can’t imagine what my college experience would be without Campus Recreation, and for that I am truly grateful.


At the challenge course we have to do multiple maintenance days to keep the course safe and functioning properly. On this particular maintenance day it was cold and rainy so no one really wanted to be there, but as soon as we got started it was a blast. Running around on the high ropes screwing bolts and tightening lines while trying not to fall off the course (just kidding we were all securely connected by our handy dandy lobster claws, safety first). After a successful maintenance and being completely soaked head to toe we took this great selfie to remember the craziest maintenance any of us had been a part of.


TJ Ford and I both work in multiple departments in the rec
and decided to be summer BFFs this past summer. Not only did we work
together, run on the track together, lift together, and take weekly trips to
Tucson Tamales, we also completed a summer BFF bucket list that included
riding a bicycle through Outdoor Adventures together.


I was 22 years old, coming off active duty in the Marine Corps;my Freshman year at Arizona.  Angie was enjoying her Sophomore year and we had both just started working in the weight room at the Rec Center.  I annoyed her so much, it got to the point she couldn't stand me, and actually asked management to place her on shifts that I didn't work, just to avoid being around me.  She finally realized I wasn't a jerk after all; I finally realized she was the best thing that ever came into my life.  It took a year and a half, but we became best friends and started dating shortly after.  We were married in June of 2002 in Lake Tahoe.  20 years after the day we met, we are still married, living in Phoenix, and raising 4 awesome future Wildcats!  I am thankful I knew someone that worked at the Rec Center prior to me attending school there; my wife is thankful she saw a sign for employment while giving her mom a tour of the Rec Center.  Working at the Rec Center introduced me to some of the greatest friends I've ever had, and led me to the best Friend, Wife, and Mother a guy could ever ask for!