Handbooks, Rules & Policies

Intramural Sports Rules & Policies

All Intramural Sport rules and policies can be found here: Intramural Sports Participant Handbook  We encourage all participants to review this handbook prior to participation. Below, we have highlighted several important policies pertaining to intramurals.

Forfeits & Defaults

A default is an option we offer teams that cannot attend their game that week.  By notifying the sports office beforehand teams avoid forfeit fees and receive a higher sportsmanship rating.  Think of a default as a get out of jail free card if you're having a hectic week and can't play.  

These are the steps to default your game:

  • Call or email the Sports Office by 12:00 PM the day of the game or by 3:00 PM on Friday for Sunday Games
  • Stop in the Sports Office (located on the main floor of the Rec Center) from Monday-Friday between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm to talk to one of our staff members
    • Please note the same deadline of 12:00 PM the day of the game or by 3:00 PM on Friday for Sunday games still applies

If your team calls ahead to default, you will still receive a loss for your game, but you will receive a 3 sportsmanship and no one will be charged a forfeit fee.

Forfeits are what happens if your team doesn't show up to play, or does not meet minimum roster requirement by the start of your game.

If your team does not show up for the scheduled game each member not checked in will be charged a $5.00 fee to their bursar account.  Not only does the team members get charged, but the team gets a sportsmanship rating of 2 affecting chances to make the playoffs.  Any team that receives 2 forfeits during a season will be removed from the league and charged $30.00.  

Participation Policies

Any student, faculty, staff, or community member that has a membership to the Rec Center is welcome to participate in Intramural Sports! Some of our leagues may have restrictions (such as Greek or Faculty/Staff), but there is a place for everyone. Please see Section 1 in our Policies and Procedures section of the handbook for further information.

All participants must have athletic attire appropriate to the sport they are participating in. This includes both their clothing choices and appropriate footwear. Participants are not allowed to wear any jewelry, unless it is a piece of medical identification that can be taped down.

Some of our sports have more specific attire policies, such as requiring Jersey Numbers (Basketball) or wearing shorts with pockets (Flag Football). Please see Sport Specific handbooks for specific policies relating to your sport of choice.

We allow participants to play on multiple teams for the same sport as long as they are different leagues. An example of this is being allowed to play on both a recreational team and a competitive team. An example of something not permitted would be playing on two competitive teams for the same sport. 

The program seeks to provide exercise, recreation, and fun to participants in a relaxed, yet structured environment. All actions and comments, whether directed to staff, opponents, teammates, or spectators, should be constructive and conducive to fulfilling this purpose. Any negative actions or comments may result in a deduction of Sportsmanship Points for your team. For a full description of potential reasons to lose sportsmanship points, please see Section 7, Article 5 in our handbook. 

Each team will earn sportsmanship points for games played. Sportsmanship infractions lead to fewer points being earned per game. Teams will NOT advance to playoffs unless they average 3.5 sportsmanship points and are placed in the top half of their division at the end of the regular season.

Any form of a conduct warning (yellow card, unsportsmanlike conduct, technical, etc.) will result in a loss of 1 point. A player receiving 2 conduct warnings will result in a loss of another 1 point and an ejection lowering the rating by a total of 2. 

A team will receive a full 5 points if:

  • At all times during the game the players and spectators were respectful and followed all rules guiding intramural policy.    

A team will receive a maximum of 4 points if:

  • Players/Teams/Spectators are assessed unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, technical fouls or yellow cards. 
  • An individual or team expresses visual or verbal dissent to opposing team. 
  • Team/individuals who gain illegal entry to a facility prior to the game time.  

A team will receive a maximum of 3 points if:  

  • A player or team persistently argues the official’s judgment during the game. 
  • A team uses an ineligible player. 
  • A player is ejected from a game. 
  •  Players/Team/Spectators do not comply with the request of a staff person. 
  •  They default a game.  

A team will receive a maximum of 2 points if:

  •  A team forfeits a game.
  • A team, player or spectator is involved in a physical altercation. 
  • A team/player persists with rough play after being issued an Unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. 
  • A player, team or spectator uses abusive language or gestures toward a participant or staff member.   

A team will receive a maximum of 1 point if:

  • A Team, player or spectator makes intimidating physical contact with a staff member. 
  • A team, player or spectator threatens harm or violence toward the staff. 
  • The Players/Team/Spectators use racial epithets, anger motivated outbursts, demeaning, degrading or derogatory statements or homophobic comments before, during or after a game. 
  • A team forfeits a game due to team/fan misconduct (also receives automatic loss for their next scheduled league or playoff game). 
  • A team/player leaves the bench area for any reason to participate in an altercation. The team also receives an automatic loss for their next league or playoff game. 
  • Players/Team/Spectators vandalize equipment, the facility or property. 

In order to make playoffs your team must finish in the TOP HALF OF YOUR DIVISION and have a minimum average of 3.5 sportsmanship points.

TIE-BREAKERS: 1) Win %; 2) Head-to-Head; 3) Sportsmanship Rating; 4) Differential (Final)

Post-season playoff brackets will be created upon the completion of the regular season and emailed out to all opponents. Playoff games will be outside of your regular division time slots, and there will be limited options to reschedule.

Teams must maintain a 3.0 sportsmanship record in any playoff game in order to move through the playoff bracket. If a team drops to a 2.0 or 1.0 sportsmanship, that game will be automatically forfeited.