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Student Testimonials

Students at The University of Arizona are the heart of Campus Recreation.  From members and participants to organizers and employees, students benefit directly from our programs, services, and opportunities.

How has Campus Recreation impacted the lives of students?  Here are some of our Success Stories...

Taylor Haynes



Working for the Intramural Sports program was my very first job and I had no idea that the experiences and opportunities could help prepare me for my career. It’s hard to put into words what working here did for me. Originally from Texas, I didn’t have friends or family in Tucson, let alone the state! “The Rec” from the patrons, student staff to professional staff all became my new “home away from home” and for that I am forever grateful. Beyond gaining a new sense of community, I gained skills in managing, leading, interviewing, problem solving, critical thinking and many more that helped me develop as a young professional. Because of the great foundation I received, I’ve moved my talents to  Arizona State’s recreation program and I am earning my Master’s degree for FREE because of it….and well, we know ASU needs all the Wildcat help and support they can get.

Tomas Baca-Cruz

Class of 2015, Major: Bachelor of General Studies

Student Coordinator-Business Office, Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation has provided me with invaluable work experience and skills that will aid in my transition into the professional world. Such work experiences include: how to appropriately interact within a professional environment, how to self-task manage, and how to become an effective leader. Looking back at my time with Campus Recreation I can unquestionably see that I have gained positive personal growth. This level of growth is something that I hope more student would experience.

Erica Bender

Class of 2015, Major: BS Retailing & Consumer Sciences

Student Outreach Assistant, Campus Recreation

I started working at Campus Rec the summer before my senior year.  It wasn't my first job or even my second job but I can confidently say it is the job that has taught me the most.  From how to communicate professionally to learning firsthand the responsibility of being in charge of creating and executing events at the Rec Center, the skills I have developed have been invaluable.  As I transition from this last semester at the University of Arizona into a professional career with Macy's, I feel prepared and ready thanks to Campus Recreation.

Jordan Minnifield

Class of 2016, Major: General Studies with a focus in media arts and entertainment

Student Facility Supervisor, Campus Recreation

I have enjoyed my time at Campus Rec! It has enabled me and provided me with a business attitude to take into the Real World. It has been a pleasure working with many students from all over campus and bonding with the ones that I have had the opportunity to work with. I look forward to taking some of the basic principles as well as the many hours I spent learning about recreational life into every area of my life moving forward. I appreciate all that Campus Rec has had to offer over the last year and a half.

Laura Stussie

Class of 2013, Major: Public Health


Community Tennis Coordinator, United States Tennis Association

I will be forever grateful for my time with Campus Rec! It was an extremely valuable, outside of the classroom learning experience that prepared me to conquer the working world. I was both mentored by my superiors and given hands-on leadership opportunities enabling me to provide concrete examples of newsletters, social media marketing plans, and presentations during job interviews, which helped me land my dream job!