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W.I.L.O. Spring 2019

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Outdoor Recreation is proud to announce our new Women's Initiative for Leadership in the Outdoors program for Spring 2019. A women's focused program that is developed, taught, and lead by women, for women. Women's focused outdoor programs are proven to increase confidence, leadership, and provide women with a safe learning environment. We strive to increase the amount of female outdoor leaders by providing the necessary skills for them to safely participate in their own outdoor trips.

This semester long program will comprise of 3 workshops working on technical skills for 3 different outdoor sports. It will also entail 3 outdoor trips to practice and give exposure of these 3 outdoor sports all for only $90! 

W.I.L.O. Spring 2019 Schedule:

February 14th: Climbing Workshop 

February 16th: Climbing on Mt. Lemmon

March 14th: Backpacking Workshop

March 16-17th: Backpacking Location TBD

April 18th Paddling Workshop

April 20th: Paddling at Rose Canyon Lake

Registration will open in December! For more information or questions about W.I.L.O. contact: Devon Chapman 

Email: dchapman1@email.arizona.edu

Phone: 520-621-4998