How To's

01 Get pass or getting started.

Buying your group fitness pass is typically the place to start. Campus REC uses RecTrac, and its web-based version WebTrac, by Vermont Systems to process payments. Members include staff, faculty, affiliates, alumni, community, families and retirees.


Students Automatic account  
Members Automatic account  
Non-Members Need to create account  

Group fitness passes are available for any group fitness class, purchase a one-time or for an unlimited amount of classes for the full semester. Group fitness class formats change semesterly, but can include F45, dance, bootcamps, cycling, step, Pilates®, strength and yoga. 

Students  $10 $45 Purchase
Members  $10 $55 Purchase
Non-Members  $10 $65 Purchase


Kick-start your personal training by taking the time to fill out the application, once received a member from the FitWell team will match you with a Personal Trainer. This will ensure you will have the right trainer with the right plan. Your personal trainer will then contact you to schedule your assessment. There are options for session frequency and length, as well as terms of payment. To learn more, click to personal training.


Have a customized fitness or wellness program delivered to your team or group's next event. This could also be a health-related workshop or lecture in your office or any Campus REC facility. To learn more, click to Wellness2U.


Wellness programs are different from group fitness. They are considered to be one-off, specialty or workshop in spirit. Included are certification and in-house trainings. Please note some wellness programs require registration — other than a group fitness pass — purchased through WebTrac and some don't. Check the individual program page to learn more.

02 Find your class.

After getting your group fitness pass, it's now time to find your class. Classes are held seven days a week — and often the same class runs multiple times a day — at SouthREC and NorthREC.


For the most up-to-date listings, check out the group fitness schedule. There you can either view or download the pdf version of the group fitness schedule or, by continuing to scroll down the page, a fully searchable, directly linked listing of all classes. They are on the same webpage. Click and be taken directly to, our sign up or registration partner.

Helpful Hint: sign ups or registrations are only possible within 24 hours of the class.

03 Sign up.

Signing up or registering for a class is highly recommended and is always the best way to ensure your spot. You will always receive an email confirmation as a reminder and receipt.

Skip to Step Three if you have questions on creating an account without an Arizona email address.

Skip to Step Six if you have questions on registering for classes.

Skip to Step Nine if you have questions about the AZ-IMFit App.


  1. Create an account. On the homepage of, please click "sign up" in the upper right corner (this same process can be completed in the AZ-IMFit app as well: see bottom of document for more information).
    Step 1


  2. Select "University of Arizona" from the drop-down menu.
    Step 2


  3. Fill in your information. For a smoother process, please use your Arizona email address.

    Note: If you do not use an Arizona email address, you can still register through IMLeagues, but you will be prompted to request access to the University of Arizona's page. Click "Create Account" and a box will appear. Please leave a comment in the request stating "I am requesting to join for Group Fitness classes". Click "submit" and the Fitness & Wellness team will accept your request, so you will be able to register for classes without an issue.

  4. Once your account has been verified (please check your email after creating your account for a verification email) and completed, you will have the following home page after you login. (This will not be immediate if you had to request to join IMLeagues because you did not use a University of Arizona email address. Please come back in 48 hours and you will be approved. Please note that you may still be able to walk into classes during this time period without being on IMLeagues). To register for a classes, click "Fitness" in the left corner tabs:
    Step 4

  5. You'll be brought to the Fitness home page. This will have a complete list of every class offered for the current semester on a day-by-day basis.
    Step 5

  6. Scroll down to the class you are interested in taking. Class registration opens 24 hours before the start of class and closes 30 minutes before the start of class. Click on the class you are trying to register for.

    Note: You can't sign up for a class that is closed; however, you can join the waitlist of a class that is full. (Classes have a max capacity for safety of participants. If you join the waitlist, you will receive an email from IMLeagues prior to the class if a spot opens; you may still show up to the class on the waitlist to see if there are any walk-in spots. Those who are registered for the class on IMLeagues are let in first and waitlists are let in second. Pre-registered IMLeagues participants can come in 10 minutes early and waitlist and walk-in participants can come in five minutes early. Make sure to arrive 10 minutes before class if you saved a spot on IMLeagues).

    Step 6

  7. Click "RSVP" or "Join Waitlist" to register or join the waitlist of the class.
    Step 7

  8. Read through the Assumption of Risk and photo release statement. At the bottom of the statement, you'll need to click "accept," which will check off the statement that acknowledges that you have read and understand the risks of participation. Click "sign-up," and you are all set! You will receive an automated email from IMLeagues confirming your registration, which also contains instructions for coming to the class.
    Step 8

  9. This same process can also be completed in the IMLeagues app. Download "AZ-IMFit" in the app store and this same process can be followed. Click on "Network" in the bottom row and click on "Fitness" to view all classes!
    Step 9a

Just like on the desktop, you must make your account first before registering and viewing classes. The process remains the same for both mobile and desktop. Should you run into any issues with registering for classes, please contact Olivia Schneider ( Thank you for your participation in our Fitness & Wellness program!

04 Show up and be on time.

Review the rules of entry and make sure you know where you are going.


With a registration, you'll need to be at the door at least 10 minutes before the start of class to guarantee your spot. Five minutes before the start, walk-ins are invited to take your spot.  For safety concerns, doors are closed and locked when class begins and no late entry is permitted.


You are always welcome as a walk-in, but you risk not being admitted if the class is fully registered and everyone shows up. Walk-ins will be wait-listed at the door until 5 minutes before the start of class when open spots — regardless if someone already registered and not yet shown up — are identified.


Get to your class through the entrances listed below. SouthREC is located at the intersection of Highland Avenue and Sixth Street. NorthREC can be found across from the Honors Village at 1051 E. Mabel Avenue. Your group fitness pass is required at entry to all in-person classes except for Happy Hour and Honors Village sessions.

Queenax Front entrance of NorthREC; 3rd floor in front of stairs. 
Desert Front entrance of NorthREC; 3rd floor, north of restrooms.
Cycle Studio Front entrance of SouthREC; 2nd floor of SouthREC, far west.
Room B Front entrance of SouthREC; 2nd floor of SouthREC.
Larson (F45) Front entrance of SouthREC; 2nd floor of SouthREC, F45 branding on the wall.
Zoom Live, online class; link emailed 10 minutes prior to the start of class.
Honors Village Front entrance of Honors Dorm, ask front desk for access to courtyard.