FAQs and Policies

General: Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor Recreation (OR) is a program operated by the University of Arizona Campus Recreation. We are the one-stop shop for (most) everything Outdoors for students, faculty/staff, and members of the Tucson community. We offer numerous programming and services, but our most popular are the following:

We are located on the south side of SREC, behind the bouldering wall if looking outside from the weight room. You can also access our rental center from 7th street by entering through the Outdoor Recreation parking lot.

  • We are open Monday to Friday from 2:30-8:30 PM during the academic year ONLY. Hours are subject to change; our most up-to-date hours can be found here.

No! Although our rates are generally cheaper for students, anyone from the community can sign up for trips, rent gear, participate in custom events, and attend events/workshops. However, any events that take place in Campus Rec will require a day pass or membership.

Bike Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, Outdoor Rec does not have mountain bikes or road bikes available for rent; however, we do have long-term commuter bike rentals available for students only.

Unfortunately, only current students are eligible for long-term bike rentals.


As the renter, you are responsible for the full cost of the bike if it is not returned. However, if your bike is stolen, please document the incident with photos and contact Outdoor Recreation (outdoorrec@arizona.edu) ASAP. If this is done, you may not be liable for the full replacement cost.

  • Yes! All long-term bike rentals have a provided lock and chain, and proper locking technique will be demonstrated by our staff.

  • No, bikes only come with a lock. A helmet and light (for riding at night, if applicable) are strongly recommended though. Bike lights are available for purchase at the Outdoor Recreation Rental Center.

Certification Courses: Frequently Asked Questions

You will have to select "Create an Account" when you go to check out using our web portal.

Outdoor Recreation is a provider for courses through Desert Mountain Medicine (DMM). DMM is a member of the Wilderness Medicine Education Collective (WMEC) and your certification will be recognized by all other major providers.

Climbing: Frequently Asked Questions

The bouldering wall is open and free to use anytime SREC is open; however, shoes, chalk bag, and crash pad rental is only available during the Outdoor Recreation Rental Center’s hours.

Climbing shoes are not required. However, closed-toe shoes are required in the bouldering area.

Yes, please refer to the climbing tab for specific times and details for weekly bouldering workshops. Workshops are regularly scheduled every week, but sometimes are cancelled due to weather or other special events. Keep up to date by joining the Rock Climbing email list.

No! All workshops and trips are beginner friendly. Some trips are designed for intermediate climbing (e.g. Sport Climbing Series), but this does not mean you can’t sign up, you just might not have as much fun.

Custom Events: Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Events are programs offered by Outdoor Recreation designed specifically to meet the needs of your group. Generally, these can be characterized as hands-on activities that promote leadership and team-building skills. Included in our custom events program are challenge (ropes) course events, team building events, archery tag, and more. Our events can cater specifically to your needs and can include any combination of these elements.

Everyone! We want to provide as many opportunities as possible for our participants to get involved and engage. So, everyone is welcome:

  • Corporate groups
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Community groups
  • University academic classes, organizations, and departments
  • Middle School and High School students
  • Athletic teams

    To help ensure optimum engagement, we set a minimum group size of 8 people, with the upper limits on our group sizes reaching 100 depending on the selected activity type.   

    Much of our programming is designed for people 12 or older. We welcome all abilities, so please let us know about the availability of accommodation for special needs. Also, we operate using "Challenge by Choice" as our guiding principle. Participants are not forced to do something they are uncomfortable doing; at the same time, we encourage everyone to challenge themselves to try something new.

We work to create an assortment of fun and engaging event types to help increase the odds that everyone will find something to enjoy. So, a good choice of activity is the one that looks like the most fun and that you feel will be the most engaging for your group or team. You can always contact us (outdoorrec@arizona.edu) for consultation on which program is the best fit for you!

Programs typically last 2 to 4 hours, but our events are fully customizable, so depending on the group's wants and needs, we can cater the time to your schedule.

Custom events are often a fun and powerful medium for individuals and groups to step out of their Comfort Zone and into their Challenge Zone. This is where your group members will learn new insights and accomplish tasks they did not know they could do. Each activity provides opportunities for personal growth, enjoyment, and the development of a stronger team.

We may be inside or outdoors, depending on your selected activity type. Please make sure that your group is prepared for either. If we are outside, sunscreen, close-toed shoes, and comfortable clothing are always good options. Loose-fitting pants or shorts that allow for a full range of motion are best. Click for more information.

Always check the weather before you come. You may need sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. Depending on the month, you may need to bring wind/waterproof and insulating layers. We provide drinking water. You may want to bring a water bottle to fill. If your group will be outside for a full day, we have catering options at an additional cost, or you may bring a cooler to keep your food fresh. Because we will be active outside, please leave all valuables at home or in vehicles. Cell phones and wallets may be placed in a secure building and will be returned at the end of the day. You are welcome to bring your camera.

You are welcome to provide food, or we have catering options if you'd prefer.  Our staff can help your group transport coolers and food during our outdoor events if requested. Drinking water is provided; please bring your refillable bottle.

Our staff is willing to work in various weather situations, keeping your group's comfort level in mind. If weather conditions become unsafe, we must cancel the scheduled program. For example, we do not work during thunderstorm warnings, tornado warnings, hail, or lightning. Depending on programming, heavy rain may make it unsafe to continue. For groups coming for teambuilding programs, we can take our portable activities indoors if space is available during inclement weather events.

Our primary goal is to emphasize to groups the fundamentals of Teamwork: effective communication, cooperation, decision-making, and "solution-finding," with an emphasis on learning by doing through reflection to capture that learning and then exploring ways to ensure the transfer of learning by participants' to other areas of their lives, whether it be work, school, athletics, etc.

What does that translate into? Actions that may include:

  • Assisting others when they need it.
  • Acknowledging the efforts of others
  • Sharing ideas or expertise with others
  • Giving and receiving positive, constructive feedback to improve processes or outcomes.
  • Working toward solutions that the entire group or team can support.
  • Demonstrating trust in others' abilities and ideas

Of course! You put the “custom” in Custom Events. Outdoor Rec’s events can be tailored to your exact needs! Contact us to start crafting your perfect event (outdoorrec@arizona.edu).

Outdoor Rec utilizes a ropes course that is maintained by the Tucson Village Farm, located at 2201 E Roger Road. Park in the lot in front of the white building, then walk to the east side of the building and you’ll see the ropes course on the far east side of the property.

Trips: Frequently Asked Questions

 A more specific packing list for overnight trips will be provided at the pre-trip meeting, and a specific packing list for day trips will be provided by email the week of your trip. Generally, water, a day pack, sunscreen, good hiking/walking shoes, and lots of layers are always recommended. Keep in mind, our overnight trips are all-inclusive, meaning all group gear (tents, sleeping bags, etc.) transportation, food, and instruction is included. Day trips usually require you to bring your own lunch but keep an eye out for the pre-trip email for the details specific to your trip.

All trip logistics will be sent out via email the week of the trip (generally Monday) to everyone registered. This will include information on the pre-trip meeting (if relevant), packing list, meet and return times. You will also receive the direct contact information for your trip guides so that you may ask them about trip specifics. You can also get general information about the trip from the website, keeping in mind this might be subject to change with weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances. 

You can get on the waitlist for a trip the same way you would register for a trip, by clicking the "register" button and signing up using your NetID or guest account. If you receive an error message when trying to get on the waitlist, this may mean the waitlist for this trip is already full, or that this trip is not eligible for a waitlist. 

If someone drops from a full trip, we will contact the first person on the waitlist via phone and email and give them 48 hours to register and pay the associated fee. If they no longer want to go on the trip, we will defer to the next person on the waitlist, and so on. 

Outdoor Rec only offers trip refunds if we are forced to cancel them due to poor weather conditions or low trip enrollment. However, unless otherwise noted, with at least two weeks' notice from the trip date, we can offer a credit for the amount paid minus an administrative fee (20% of the trip fee). This credit can be applied to enrollment in any other Outdoor Recreation trip.

All overnight trips or technical trips require that you attend a pre-trip meeting to talk about the logistics of the trip, and to teach you an introduction to any technical skills (climbing, paddling, etc.) that you may need. This trip will also contain information about campsites, food, gear, and paperwork. 

If you are unable to attend the pre-trip meeting, please ensure to reach out directly so we arrange proper . When you receive the trip logistics email, please email your guides directly and they will come up with a makeup plan so that you can receive any information/skills you may have missed. 

Overnight trips: Yes! All meals will be provided on overnight trips. Sometimes you will be responsible for paying for your own meal while driving to/from our destination, but your trip guides will give you the specifics for your trip.

  • Dietary Restrictions: During your registration, you will be prompted to input any dietary restrictions. This helps our guides to plan meals that work for everyone’s diet. Please talk to your guides during the pre-trip meeting if your dietary restrictions have changed or were not fully documented when you signed up.

    Day trips: No, our day trips do not include lunch. You will be responsible for bringing your own lunch. An assortment of snacks will be provided.

No, Outdoor Recreation has a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol, illicit and non-prescribed drugs, cannabis, and nicotine products, regardless of age and legality. Participants will be removed from their trip if any of these substances are observed by our trip guides.

Rental Center: Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to our rental tab for a complete list of all available gear and pricing.

No, Outdoor Recreation is not open during weekends, university closures, and major holidays. However, we do not charge the daily rental fee for days we are closed. For example, a weekend rental starting on Friday and returning on Monday would only be charged for two days.

No, returns must be verified using the CatCard or ID of the original renter. We can not return gear that is brought in by someone else. If this occurs, you will be charged late fees on the equipment until you are able to come into the Rental Center.

All equipment is checked by staff after every rental and repaired if necessary. It is the responsibility of the renter to verify their equipment is in working order before using it. Refunds are not issued on gear that is returned broken.

You will be charged the replacement fee for the equipment that is not returned.

Gear that is returned late will be charged our daily rental fee plus $2 for every day it is late, up to two weeks. After two weeks, the replacement cost of the item will be charged.

All payments at Outdoor Recreation can be made using credit/debit cards or student bursar accounts (if applicable). We do not accept cash or checks.

Departments and groups on Campus that are utilizing Internal Billing for payment can reserve gear up to a Month before the pick-up date and will receive a 10% discount.

All other reservations can be made up to 5 days (i.e. the week of) your rental.

Program Policies

  • Outdoor Recreation does not offer refunds on trip payments. Participants are eligible to receive credit for a trip they can not attend if they notify Outdoor Recreation at least 2 weeks prior to the trip date. Participants will be credited with the payment amount minus an administrative fee ($15 for single-day trips, $35 for overnight trips). Trip credit can be applied to any other trip or event offering by Outdoor Recreation.
  • No refunds/credit will be issued if Outdoor Recreation is notified less than two weeks from the trips date.
  • Full refunds will be issued for all trips cancelled by Outdoor Recreation.

  • Students must notify Outdoor Recreation (outdoorrec@arizona.edu) at least 1 month prior to the start of a Wilderness First Responder course to receive a full refund (minus a $35 administrative fee).
  • Students must notify Outdoor Recreation at least 7 days prior to the start of a Wilderness First Aid course to receive a refund (minus $35 administrative fee).


Deadline for a full refund less $50 administrative fee is July 1st, 2024 for the Outdoor Adventures Living Learning Community. 

  • All prices include tax. All reservations are non-refundable.
  • Canoe, paddle board, and recreational bike rentals restricted to current UArizona students, faculty and staff. 
  • Long-term (semester or academic year) rentals of commuter bikes are restricted to current UArizona students ONLY. 
  • Bursars, Visa, and MasterCard are accepted.
  • All returns require a check-in setup with customer present to ensure no damages. 
  • The equipment may only be used by the renter and cannot be sub-rented or loaned to any other person. 
  • All rentals must be made under the renters own name, picked up, and dropped off by the renter. 
  • The renter is responsible for the proper care and on-time return of the equipment. They are also responsible for the late fees, damage fees, and replacement fees for all of the equipment rented.
  • No refunds will be given for any rentals or rental reservations. Renter is responsible for verifying equipment is in working order before using it.
  • The rental must be dropped off in its entirety (all pieces and items present) at due date or the renter may be responsible for late fees or damage fees. 

  • Equipment may be reserved by visiting Outdoor Rec, selecting your equipment, and paying the rental fee up front. 
  • All reservation payments are non-refundable. 
  • No reservations will be made over the phone. 
  • Reservations must be made under the renters own name, picked up, and dropped off by the renter. 
  • Reservations may only be made the week-of, they may not be made any further in advance. 

  • On-campus groups paying via Internal Billing only are eligible to reserve gear up to 1 Month prior to the start of the rental and will receive a 10% discount on their rental. 
  • All other group reservations must be made in-person, the week-of. 

    Please contact outdoorrec@arizona.edu for group reservations using Internal Billing.

  • Every day that a rental is late, each item will accrue late fees equal to the daily rental fee plus $2 per day late. Late fees will accrue up to 15 days, at which point the full replacement cost for each item rented will be charged. 
  • If renter returns the equipment damaged or broken, they will be subject to pay repair fees up to the whole replacement cost of the item, depending on the severity of the damage.
  • If renter returns gear excessively dirty or excessively dirty, they will be charged a cleaning fee up to the replacement cost of the item.