Intramural Sports

Welcome to Intramural Sports

Intramural sports are your best option if you want to join a group of friends for casual games. Fun and affordable, they can provide you with an excellent opportunity for recreation and socialization. 

At Campus REC, you will find a variety of intramural sports options. From esports to kan jam, softball to pickleball and all the traditional sports you know. Go to Select Sport and then follow the How To's to get you in the game. Varying skill levels and experience are welcome and intramural sports run throughout the year. Claim a championship for you and your team.

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Season A  |  Fall Weeks 3 - 8    
Basketball (3v3) Mario Kart Tournament Soccer Indoor
Cornhole Pickleball Singles Spikeball
EA FC 24 Tournament Pool Basketball (3v3) Super Smash Bros Tournament
Flag Football Racquetball Singles Tennis Singles
Kan Jam Sand Volleyball (4v4) Trivia Night (FREE)
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Season B  |  Fall Weeks 10 - 16    
Basketball (5v5) Pickleball Doubles Tennis Doubles
Cornhole Racquetball Doubles Trivia Night (FREE)
EA FC 24 Tournament Soccer Outdoor Volleyball Indoor
Kickball Spikeball  
Mario Kart Tournament Super Smash Bros Tournament  
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Season C  |  Spring Weeks 3 - 8    
Basketball (5v5) Pickleball Singles Super Smash Bros Tournament
Cornhole Racquetball Singles Tennis Singles
Dodgeball Indoor Volleyball (6v6) Trivia Night (FREE)
Spikeball Soccer Outdoor (9v9) Darts (FREE)
Mario Kart Tournament    
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Season D  |  Spring Weeks 11 - 16    
Basketball (3v3) Pickleball Doubles Softball
Cornhole Pool Basketball (3v3) Super Smash Bros Tournament
Flag Football Racquetball Doubles Tennis Doubles
Indoor Soccer (6v6) Sand Volleyball (4v4) Trivia Night (FREE)
Mario Kart Tournament March Madness Bracket Pick'Em  
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Season E  |  Summer    
Faculty/Staff Softball