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About Intramural Sports

UPDATE: Intramural Sports for the Spring 2021 semester will focus to offer a mix of safe in-person sports, along with expanded online offerings. To register and to see our updated offerings, visit Registration for sports will begin on January 13th. For questions, you can contact us at


  • Spring Semester Intramural Pass - (Price: $20.00) - Grants access to all Season C+ D Sports, plus all virtual offerings, including: Tennis Doubles, Virtual Trivia Nights, 2v2 Fortnite Tournament, HORSE, 3v3 Rocket League, Cornhole, Spikeball, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Solo Tournament, Ultimate Frisbee, 8-Ball Singles, Badminton Singles, Softball, Table Tennis, & Tennis Singles. 


  • Virtual Only - Spring Intramural Pass(Price: $5.00) - Grants access to all Season C + D virtual offerings including: Virtual Trivia Nights, 2v2 Fortnite Tournament, 3v3 Rocket League (offered both seasons), & Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Solo Tournament. 


Passes are available to purchase January 13th – April 14th at 6pm. Teams must be created by Wednesday, January 27th at midnight for Season C sports, and Wednesday, March 10th at midnight for all Season D sports. 


There has never been a better time to claim an Intramural Championship for your own! The Intramural Sports Program provides competitive and recreational sports leagues, tournaments, and special events for all students regardless of skill level. These activities foster leadership, sportsmanship, and education.

The Intramural Sports Program is designed to allow students, faculty, and staff an outlet for relaxation, exercise, social interaction, and friendly competition. Intramural Sports are a unique opportunity for members of the University of Arizona community to participate in more than 20 different sports leagues and tournaments throughout the year. Individuals of varying skill levels and experience are welcomed to join. Intramural Sports are casual sports leagues - typically you will play once a week, and get approximately 4 regular-season games. Teams will advance to the playoffs depending on their sportsmanship and win/loss record. There is an opportunity for all to play in our program. Click below to find out more about our sports offerings and how to sign-up below!