Affiliates, Alumni, Community, Families & Retirees

Membership Options

University alumni and retirees, along with the Tucson community at large or their families, are welcomed and offered a number of membership options and payment plans.

Choose a plan that works best for you and come to the front desk of any location to sign up.

ANNUAL $425 $325
SEMESTER 50% OFF (available thru May 12) $225    $112.50 $199     $99.50
ANNUAL $37.20/month $28.44/month

Monthly credit card payments are available for our annual memberships, with an additional 5% due to credit card fees. When you sign up for this membership, you are committed for 1 year. When you sign up at the front desk, you will be charged your first monthly payment to start the membership. This payment will cover for the time left in this month as well as the beginning of the last month before your membership expires. Following your initial payment, you will be charged the monthly fee on the 1st business day of each month. Your membership will expire a year from purchase.

*Off Peak Monday - Friday, 6 a.m. - 2 p.m. and Saturday - Sunday, all day.

Membership Benefits

Special membership pricing for aquatics, fitness, outdoor, sports and youth is available for all annual, installment and payroll deduction patrons. Short-term, pool and fitness pass patrons are required to pay non-membership rates for any fee-based additional programs. 1-day passes require a sponsor (active member) for purchase

1 DAY $11
1 DAY (MINOR-UNDER 18)  $5
1 MONTH $53
10-PUNCH PASS* $60
20-PUNCH PASS* $92

*Must be used within one year.


ADULT  $8 $27 $65 $130
YOUTH/MINOR-UNDER 18  $5 $16 $38 $80


All youth must be accompanied by a parent/guardian unless participating in a structured Campus Recreation youth program. Leaving minors unaccompanied in the facility, may result in loss of privileges. Minor's that hold a minor pass, must be accompanied by a parent/guardian member. Minor pass holders are allowed in the facilities during the Fall & Spring semesters on weekends only


Each location offers lockers free for day use or extended stay rentals by the semester or year. Day use lockers require a personal lock. Visit the front desk to secure your extend stay rental.

ANNUAL 12" W by 30" H $130
ANNUAL 12" W by 20" H $100
SEMESTER 12" W by 30" H   $55
SEMESTER 12" W by 20" H   $40

Equipment Rentals

Day rentals available for your recreation needs. Located by the entrance of 1st floor lockers/cabanas/restrooms

  • Basketballs (men's and women's)
  • Footballs- SouthREC only
  • Key Lock ($2.00 day rental)
  • Pickleball Equipment - SouthREC only
  • Racquetball Equipment - SouthREC only
  • Soccerballs (indoor and outdoor) - SouthREC only
  • Squash Equipment- SouthREC only
  • Table Tennis Equipment- SouthREC only
  • Tennis Racquets- SouthREC only
  • Volleyballs (indoor and outdoor) 

*A fee is assessed for all late or unreturned items.

Day rentals available for your fitness needs. Located in the main weight room.

  • Ab Straps
  • Bicep Isolators
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Dip Belts
  • Foam roller
  • Jump Ropes
  • Squat Pads
  • Stoops/Resistance Band
  • Weight Belts
  • Woody Bands

Equipment available for day use at the pool.

  • Hand Paddles
  • Kickboards
  • Pull Buoys
  • Water Dumbbells
  • Water Float Belt
  • Water Basketball
  • Floating Mats

Rental Items available at Outdoor Rec Center.

Visit Outdoor Rec Gear Rentals to review the full list of rental options

Sports Equipment is available at a rental cost. Please contact the sports office at for information on renting any of the following items:

  • Bases
  • Basketball
  • Blank yard line markers
  • Cones
  • Dodgeballs (Large)
  • Dodgeballs (Small)
  • Flag Belts
  • Footballs
  • Frisbees
  • Goal line markers
  • Indoor Soccer Balls
  • Indoor Volleyballs
  • Kan Jam
  • Kickballs
  • Ladder Golf
  • Lawn Games (Ladder Golf, Kan Jam, & Spikeball as a set)
  • Sport Officials
  • Outdoor Soccer Balls
  • Pylons
  • Sand Volleyballs
  • Scoreboards (digital)
  • Scoreboards (flip)
  • Spike Ball Set
  • Wiffleball Bats
  • Wiffleballs
  • 20-yard line markers
  • 40-yard line markers

Retail Items available at Equipment Checkout

  • Athletic Tape ($5.00)
  • Combo Lock ($7.00)
  • Hair Ties ($0.25)
  • Head Phones ($10-$20)
  • Swim Goggles ($20.00)