Personal Training

Personal training session

Our nationally certified Personal Trainers will help create a program to meet your individual needs. Whether you have goals for weight loss, muscular strength, mobility, or athletic performance, our trainers will help motivate you to meet those goals by guiding you through proper movement patterns and appropriate exercise programming. All beginning sessions will start with an hour assessment to help the trainer create the best program for your skill level and goals. 

Please purchase sessions below. Either before or after you have purchased the session, please fill out this client application form, this allows us to pair you with a trainer. You must complete this form and purchase sessions in order for us to pair you with a trainer. After you have completed the form, you should hear from a Personal Trainer to set-up your initial assessment within five business days. 

Buddy and Group sessions will not be available at this time

Personal Training Application Form


This one-on-one workout session will allow you and the trainer to create a comprehensive personal fitness program. You will work through a program based on your assessment and personal goals. You will learn and train appropriate movement patterns for exercises and be motivated to perform at your best. 

Sessions       Members       Non-Members

 1                      $55                   $65

 5                      $250                 $300

 10                    $450                 $550

 15                    $600                 $750

 20                    $700                 $900

This 1/2 hour workout is a cost effective way to get in shape and learn new methods of exercising. These training sessions help clients still get a great workout  in a small amount of time. 

Sessions       Members       Non-Members

 5                      $125                $150

 10                    $200                $300

Group Training is designed for 3-6 individuals to train with a Personal Trainer together. Working with a group can help you to stay motivated by being around a team atmosphere! This is a great option for groups of people who want a structured exercise program for a great price. You can sign-up to meet once, twice, or three times per week for 12 weeks. 

All sessions are 60 minutes and prices are per group.

1/Week    2/Week    3/Week

 $450           $750           $1,050

Buddy Personal Training is ideal for anyone who enjoys working out with friends! Individuals with similar goals and who enjoy the same kind of workouts will greatly benefits from Buddy Personal Training. Friends benefit from working out together in numerous ways: motivation, commitment, and social interaction. So grab your best friend and sign up for Buddy Personal Training! All sessions are 60 minutes long and with a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer. Rates are package based, so the buddies can workout who pays and how.

Sessions       Member       Non-Member

 5                     $350                $400

 10                   $650                $750

 15                   $900                $1,050

 20                   $1,100              $1,300

Assessments include different tests to help the Trainer make the best program possible. Tests include but are not limited to: goal planning, health history, movement screens, performance testing, postural screen, and body composition testing. Body Composition testing can be done by handheld bioelectrical impedance, three site skinfolds, or with our most accurate tool the *InBody 570. All first sessions in a package, besides single sessions, will take the client through a one hour assessment, however assessments can also be purchased separately. 

Members       Non-Members

  $30                   $35

*InBody testing uses bioelectrical impedance to measure total body water, total and segmented fat mass, total and segmented lean mass, and basal metabolic rate (BMR). The tool is our most accurate way to measure body composition, however, If testing with InBody please understand that some of the things listed below can cause inaccuracies.
  • Pacemakers
  • Eating within two hours of test
  • menstruation
  • exercising before test

Payroll deduction is available to all full time 12-month employees of the University of Arizona. Clients can choose to have 60 or 30 minute one-on-one sessions withdrawn for three or six months. You may register for payroll deduction through the link below. Once you have completed and been approved for payroll deduction, you will be contacted by a Fitness and Wellness staff member to complete the personal training application form. 

Personal Training Payroll Deduction Form

Online Personal Training is great for those who already have foundational experience with most exercise modalities and would like a fitness professional to create a workout plan. Clients will have an initial one-hour virtual meting with a trainer that will establish goals, needs, and equipment accessability. After given workouts, clients will be able to virtually meet with the trainer after every five sessions. Virtual meetings can be conducted through a mode that fits well with the client and trainer (Zoom, Google Meet, Facetime, etc..). Trainers and clients are encouraged to continually communicate at no charge through text or email. 

Sessions  Virtual Meetings       Member     Non-Member

1                    1                               $30               $40

5                    2                               $100            $200

10                  3                              $150             $250

15                  4                              $225             $325

20                  5                              $300             $400