About Fitness & Wellness

How to's: the steps to take.

Whether you are taking a group fitness class or want a Wellness2U event for your team, there's a series of steps to take. Some will be one-time, and some will be reoccurring and progressive. But the most important thing is showing up. Showing up isn't big, but it matters. Showing up helps builds adherence to your life-long wellbeing journey. View the tabs below to learn how to get involved in the Fitness and Wellness Programs!

Beyond physical: an overview.

Take advantage of all the fitness and wellness offerings sure to benefit your strength, flexibility and endurance. Choose from a wide range of classes offered every day from F45 to cycling, and from mind-body to dance.

Work with a certified personal trainer 1-on-1, or with a small group of friends, to improve your fitness and wellness goals. Learn more about the Wellness2U program and your opportunities to get certified to join the Fitness & Wellness team!