Hall of History

The Hall of History is located on the 1st floor of the Student Recreation Center, to the right of the locker rooms.  It is a timeline that depicts the story of Campus Recreation, from its earliest beginnings up to the early 21st century.  

This on-going project that will be updated every 10 years to showcase the milestones of the previous decade.


M-F 6a-10p | Sa 8a-8p | Su 8a-10p

Early Closure:
Aug. 22 (Sun) at 2p | Bash at the REC


  • Wide open space in a low traffic hallway
  • No furniture in front of displays


  • Timeline with pertinent milestones highlighted
  • Two wall stations (one high and one low) with Campus Rec website access
  • Trophy case showcasing sports memorabilia and awards