Club Resources

 The forms and information below are to assist club officers with overall club operations. Forms should be completed and submitted through Google Forms, or Connect2. Otherwise PDF forms should be filled out and sent to our email at Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.











The Collegiate Club Sports Program is administered by the Department of Campus Recreation. Sports clubs are started, organized and managed by University of Arizona students. All clubs must be recognized by ASUA (Associated Students of The University of Arizona). Clubs are open to all students, faculty, staff, and alumni. However, some national governing bodies of sports clubs restrict competition to current and or full-time students of The University of Arizona.

Club members are eligible for class excuses if they are going to miss class while participating in a registered club event. Refer to the Collegiate Club Sports Handbook for complete details. 

Not necessarily. Most clubs are open to all skill levels. Some clubs do have try-outs for their "A" team or traveling team but many clubs have "B" teams. It depends on the club. For more information contact the club you are interested in directly.

Find out when the clubs first meeting, practice or try-out is. Some clubs you can join at any time, contact the club directly by going to their website or contacting their president.

The cost to participate in a club varies significantly from club to club. Each club has dues ranging from nothing to $2600 per year. What those dues cover varies significantly from club to club. Clubs try to limit out of pocket expenses by participating in various fundraisers. For more information on the specifics of what it cost to participate in a club contact the club directly.

All clubs must be recognized through ASUA before they can become a club sport for at least one full semester. Clubs must complete a new club application (found on our club resources page) and submit it to the Sports Office ( 

Clubs are run by the student officers in the club. In many cases, they are assisted by coaches who are either paid or volunteer depending on the club. A club must have a least three officers as well as a faculty/staff advisor. The officers are responsible for the successful operation of the club including but not limited to budgeting, scheduling practices and events, fundraising, policy adherence and communicating with the sports club administrative staff.