About Outdoor & Challenge

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Experience the great outdoors.

Join your fellow river rats, dirtbags and pebble wrestlers in exploring all that you can do outside in the Sonoran Desert. Campus REC’s Outdoor team will get you climbing, paddling or hiking on guided trips at all levels of ability...including surfing.

Organized activities:

  • Paddling: canoeing, kayaking, river rafting
  • Climbing: bouldering, canyoneering, rock climbing
  • Hiking: overnight camping, wilderness yoga, day, night and contemplative hiking

Whether you are a newbie or seasoned, Outdoor has something for you including: Wilderness Medicine certification, SCUBA diving, outdoor leadership experiences, challenge programs, themed-living housing, guided trips, equipment rentals, bouldering and slackline workshops.

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Bouldering & Slackline Workshops

Nightly workshops for climbers of all experiences during the semester.

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Challenge Program

Student, staff and corporate groups welcome to develop their team building.

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Guided Trips

Come on in and check out our board of guided trips. Leaving weekly, your next adventure awaits.

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Outdoor Leadership

Choose from program opportunities focused on women, community or the environment.

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Rental Center

Start your journey with the right equipment: backpacks, sleeping bags, canoes and more.

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SCUBA Certifications

Become an underwater explorer and discover what's below the surface.

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Wilderness Medicine

Be prepared in first aid in remote and wilderness settings.