Bouldering & Slackline Workshops

New Spring 2021 Bouldering Wall Reservations

Due to the COVID-19 protocols we will be instituting a reservation system for the Bouldering Wall through IMLeagues please see below:

IMLeagues has an app for iOS and android which is add free and has all of the same features as the web browser.

Steps to register are as follows:

1. Go to and sign-in. If you do not already have an account you can sign-up for one. If you do not have an e-mail you will create an account and request access and we will approve your account within 24 business days hours (Monday-Friday). 


2. Click the Reservations box on the top left then click Recreation Spaces and scroll down or search for and select: Monday Night Bouldering or Wednesday Night Bouldering.


3. Once you have  selected the appropriate day, select the time you would like to attend, click "sign-up" and you are good to go!