Archery Tag

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Archery Tag Overview

Archery Tag is something for everyone, a mix between dodgeball, target practice, and a marshmallow. Yes, you read that right, marshmallow, the arrows used during the event have large foam tips that resemble, that's right, a marshmallow. At the start of each event, participants will get an introduction to the activity and be shown the basics of using the equipment and the ground rules for gameplay. From there we let the fun begin. 

Archery Tag programs typically accommodate groups of 8 to 20 and often run 2 to 3 hours in length. 

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What to Wear

Archery Tag is an all-body sport, so participants should wear athletic clothing that provides a full range of motion. You'll need to wear closed-toed shoes, as there will be running and moving around. Shirts and long pants are encouraged though not required. Masks are required and provided by Outdoor Recreation. 

What Not to Wear

Anything you don't want to be scratched, dented, or dropped should be removed before play. We recommend removing hazardous accessories such as watches, glasses, scarves, and any form of jewelry, dangling necklaces, earrings, or rings as they can get caught and could cause injury. 

Common Misconceptions

  • It's difficult to draw an arrow back. While many bows and arrows can be challenging to utilize, the bows used for our events only require approximately 20 pounds of force to draw them back fully.
  • Being hit by an arrow is extremely painful. Our arrows do not have a traditional tip but instead have a foam block resembling a giant marshmallow at the end to minimize impact force. Using these tips significantly lessens the velocity of the arrows and helps make the gameplay enjoyable.
  • I'm too old (or young) to participate. You are never too old to play. Archery Tag is a fun activity for a wide age range of participants. To ensure our participants get the most out of their experience and due to equipment regulations, we recommend an age range of 10 and up.
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Female participant drawing back an archery tag bow
Archery Tag players hiding behind a inflatable paintball bunker preparing to shoot