F45 Challenge

Receive Exclusive F45 Workouts at Home!

If you love Campus Rec's F45 classes but would like more options, we have a special offer for our U of Arizona community. The F45 Challenge app gives you exclusive daily workouts that can be completed at home and wellness trackers that can help measure your progress. Register through the link below or with the F45 Challenge app. 

—What is F45?—

F45 is the world's fastest growing functional training network. This class offers a high intensity, circuit style workout for all individuals. All workouts are created by the F45 database of over 3,000 different exercises, so you will never get the same workout twice. 

—Pre-Registration Recommended—

Pre-registration through IMLeagues is recommended for both individuals with a fitness pass and for walk-in's. Learn how to create a free account and register for classes with our Step-by-Step IMLeagues Guide. Upon registering, a confirmation will be emailed. Please keep in mind that registration closes 15 minutes before the start of virtual class and 30 minutes before the start of in-person classes. 

Classes at The REC & NorthREC:

Participants are eligible to register 24 hours in advance of each class and must arrive 10 minutes prior to start time in order to guarantee their spot. 5 minutes prior to class start time all waiting participants are welcome in to open spots. For safety purposes, those who do not show up to class on time will not be allowed entry. 

Virtual Classes Through Zoom: 

All participants must first register though IMLeagues and agree to the Assumption of Risk form. 10 minutes before the workout begins, participants will be emailed the Zoom link that will allow them into class. We ask that all participants please keep themselves muted throughout the class to help improve the audio of the Instructor.