Health & Recreation Fee Student Advisory Board

The institution of a mandatory Health & Recreation Fee directly results from the need to move from a less predictable funding model associated with State and Retained Fees to a UAZ student enrollment based fee funding model to ensure a greater degree of predictability. Both UAZ students and parents of UAZ students were surveyed and supported (64% and 78%, respectively) the institution of a mandatory Health & Recreation Fee. The institution of a Health & Recreation Fee will help to assure that services associated with the Campus Health Service and the Department of Campus Recreation are in place and available to the UAZ student population.

Very importantly, the Health & Recreation Fee approval also includes a provision to have in place a Student Advisory Board that will serve to offer input and perspectives concerning the use of the Fee funding for both the Campus Health Service and Department of Campus Recreation. In turn, key members of the Campus Health Service and Department of Campus Recreation leadership will be present during Health & Recreation Fee Student Advisory Board meetings and will share financial and relevant operational information concerning the planned use of the Fee funding to keep the advisory board well informed.

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Campus Recreation: November 2011 Report
Campus Recreation: Strategic Direction
Campus Recreation: Vital Statistics
Campus Health Service: Budget Prep Timeline 2013-14
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During the Health & Recreation Fee Proposal development process, a committee comprised of graduate and undergraduate students and Campus Health Service / Campus Recreation professional staff members requested that UAZ students and their families have the opportunity to provide feedback about the idea of proposing a new Health and Recreation Fee.

Toward that end, UAZ students received a survey in December 2009, and almost 4,800 completed it. In early January 2010, the UAZ Parent & Family Association membership was sent a survey and 462 complete responses were received. It was significant that the results of these independent surveys clearly supported instating a Health & Recreation Fee (64% of UAZ students and 78% of UAZ Parents) with consideration for a two-year phase-in period.