Privacy Statement & Data Collection Notice

The University of Arizona Privacy Statement for Departments

The University of Arizona Campus Recreation Department may collect your personal information such as demographics, date, and the purpose of using available services or programs. These data may be used to enhance our services and programming to better support your experience and success and to further the mission of the university. We are committed to protecting your personal information. Find out more about how we use and protect your personal information from the University of Arizona’s privacy statement.

Notice of Data Collection for Students

The Department of Campus Recreation provides services to students of the University of Arizona at our recreation centers and other facilities on and off campus. We are committed to protecting the personal information and security of our patrons, and being transparent about the information we hold. 

Campus Recreation collects data primarily through CatCard swipes and finger vein scans¹ at the time of entrance into our facilities, programs, and activities.  This information is obtained for the purposes of tracking usage, participation, and visit histories.  Identifying information may include academic and/or demographic factors that help us understand our student patrons.  Data is aggregated and analyzed to determine the impact of recreation on student success, health, and wellness, and to create accessible recreation spaces and programs that meet the ongoing needs of our student population.  Campus Recreation does not release any personal or identifiable information in public documentation.

In accordance with the University of Arizona Privacy Statement at

Finger vein scans are a biometric authentication method that uses pattern-recognition techniques on vein images beneath the skin to create unique number identifiers.  These individual tokens are then linked to students’ University accounts.  The finger vein scan is not a fingerprint and the actual scan is not stored on the student’s account.