Eight Dimensions of Wellness

The eight dimensions of wellness that Campus Recreation focuses on are: Emotional, Physical, Social, Financial, Occupational, Environmental, Intellectual, and Spiritual. All dimensions interconnect with one another and are equally important in obtaining holistic well-being. We are able to reach ultimate wellness by fully understanding and working towards optimizing each dimension.

Emotional Wellness

Icon of two people holding hands making a heart shape Trust, self-esteem, self-acceptance, self-confidence, and self-control.

Emotional wellness allows us to experience positive relationships, reduction of stress, and overall self-care. It is important to be attentive to our own feelings, whether they are positive or negative, and to learn how to handle our emotions. Emotional wellness encourages us to learn and grow from our experiences and allows us to accept how we are feeling. Once we understand our feelings, we can figure out why we feel this way and how we are able to cope or respond.

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Environmental Wellness

Leaf in the shape of a foot print icon Act of living respectfully towards our surroundings.

Environmental Wellness is the act of living in a way that is respectful to our surroundings and environment. This dimension encourages us to take action to protect nature and our personal environment.

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Financial Wellness

Piggy bank icon Managing finances in a responsible, sound, and independent manner.

Financial Wellness involves learning how to successfully manage our finances. Money plays a critical role in our lives and financial stress has found to be a regular source of stress, fear, and anxiety. Tracking expenses and managing a budget are important skills to have in order to be financially responsible, sound, and independent.

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Intellectual Wellness

Lightbulb with gears inside icon Challenges through engagement of mentally stimulating and creative activities.

Intellectual Wellness challenges us through the engagement of mentally stimulating and creative activities. Such activities can help us increase our skills and knowledge while also sharing our abilities with others. Optimal intellectual wellness inspires us to explore and become more mindful. It also motivates us to try new things and become well-rounded individuals and have a more balanced lives.

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Occupational Wellness

Briefcase icon Engage in our work and develop personal satisfaction from our accomplishments.

Occupational Wellness allows us to engage in our work and develop personal satisfaction from our accomplishments. Having a positive attitude about work or school can have a huge impact on our actions and abilities. Having optimal occupational health can help us achieve self worth, happiness, and satisfaction.

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Physical Wellness

Apple with a heart beat monitor icon Practicing a well balanced diet, having a strong and positive mentality, and participating in regular exercise.

Physical Wellness is taking proper care of our bodies through a well-balanced diet, having a strong and positive mentality, and participating in regular exercise. Engaging in physical wellness can result in feelings of alertness, energy, happiness, and confidence. Physical well-being helps keep our bodies in pristine condition by producing endorphins, strengthening muscles and bones, and reducing the risk of disease.

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Social Wellness

Chat bubble icon Building healthy, supportive, and valuable relationships and creating a genuine connection with people.

Social Wellness includes our interactions and relationships with one another. This dimension focuses on building healthy, supportive, and valuable relationships and creating genuine connections with those around us. Social wellness allows us to create healthy relationships and build a supportive social network. Surrounding ourselves with a positive social network can help increase our self-esteem. Our emotional resilience depends on the strength of our social wellness.

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Spiritual Wellness

Lotus flower icon Appreciate life and all of our experiences.

Spiritual Wellness encourages us to find purpose and meaning in our human existence. Spiritual wellness also helps us appreciate life and all of our experiences. It is important for us to find meaning in our lives and to develop a human mind-body connection with ourselves and the outside world.  It is important to note that spiritual wellness does not necessarily mean we must engage in a religion, however religion can be a way to enhance our spiritual wellness.

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